I have had the worst week ever

As if we didn't have enough pain, now I have shingles. I wasn't able to have the shingles vaccination as I am on azathioprine for my Chrohns then it hit me last Saturday. I thought my pain could'nt get any worse but by golly this is something else.

Doctor eventually took me off the Azathioprine ,Steroids and Blood pressure tablets so I could take the anti viral tablets and today I would say I am a smidging better, just a smidging, mind you, nothing much to speak of.

Has anyone else had it and how did they cope. The evenings and night times are the worst.

I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.


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  • Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of shingles around at the moment. I had it years ago but only very mildly, that was bad enough. You poor thing, I hope you are soon over it.

  • Thank you, The Doctor said it was one of the worst case he had seen. Last night I nearly asked my husband to cut my arm off , it was so bad lol

  • I know how uncomfortable you must feel. Did doctor give you anything other than tablets?

  • No , just to take painkillers, but they don't touch the pain at all. It's really horrible. Hopefully it won't go on for too long . Thank you for your support . Lizzie xx

  • Poor you Lizzie....I hope you didn't have too many plans for Easter and I truly hope you feel better very soon....xx

  • Hi Trikki

    Normally I do go out with a big group of friends but one, like me is on azathioprine so firstly I wouldn't put her at risk and going out would probably take my mind off the pain and secondly you don't know who else is out there who is at risk i.e. On chemo for example so it is staying home for me .

    I shall just have to stay in a enjoy my hot cross buns and chocolate instead.

    Thank you fur your support

    Lizzie xx

  • You have my heartfelt sympathy as I have had shingle three times. The last time was all down the one side of my face, it was in my eye, mouth and ear and the pain and swelling was horrible. The anti virals did help a bit but because of the eye problem had to go to the GP every day for a week and then every two days for a week as he was worried about my sight. No honestly wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy.

    Try and keep warm but not too hot. I found having a warm shower and then very gently patting myself dry helped. Rest and sleep as much as possible and plenty of fluids. I would say anti inflammatory pain killers but I know not everyone can take them and the trouble is that often we fibromites are already on painkillers.

    I found when I had it on my body rather than my face that wearing very loose cotton clothing or Jim Jams helped as anything close to the skin made the pain and irritation worse. I do hope that you feel better soon.xxx

  • Hi Rosewine

    Thank you for replying

    I had hoped that once you had it it you wouldn't get it again . Oh dear. I like you , wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy . The main cluster of mine is on my back but goes down my arm. My arm is totally numb and feels like when you have had an epidural but the pain is still in it. Goes right out from the back out over my shoulder down my arm into my hand and fingers and feels like someone is slicing a knife along the whoke of my arm then stops and then starts again and this goes on all day and all night. I can't take any anti inflammatory pain killers so at the moment I am taking co codomol. Which is still not strong enough really. I sound like real wimp don't I? Thank you for replying

    Lizzie xx

  • You are certainly not a wimp I once saw a really tough man rocking back and forth with pain from the shingles he had on his head. That zapping, burning pain is a real energy sapper.

    Hopefully the antivirals will start weaving their magic soon. It tends to strike when we are very under the weather I know the three times I had it I was under alot of stress. Take care.x

  • Thank you Rosewine

    I hope so too

    Lizzie xx

  • Oh shingles can really pull you down, I think the vaccination is only given to older people. I think it's over 70 not sure, hope you get some relief try and get plenty of rest and TLC, take care

  • Hi Mydexter

    I am 70 and stood in the queue for 30 minutes to have the vacination this year but they would not let me have because if my medication (azathioprine ) for Crohns. This takes your immune system down and if you had the vaccination which is live you would immediately get shingles. My husband had it though ok. So he is ok. I am going to take it easy over the weekend

    Tfankyou for your support

    Lizzie xx

  • Hi liz123 i feel for you having shingles horrible pain I've had it twice face and back

    Sending you warm gentle hugs πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

    Have a happy Easter if you can 🐀🐀🐀🐀

  • Thank you bambamsnan

    You know what I am going through . Only someone who has had it can know fully.

    Thank you

    Happy Easter

    Lizzie xx

  • Oh dear, you are really going through the wars with all of this.

    I am sorry I have no advice or remedies, just my heartfelt sympathy for you.

    Take care


  • Hi my friend

    I really am so genuinely sorry to read this and my heart truly goes out to you. I want to sincerely wish you a speedy recovery and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Thank you Ken


  • Hello Liz123, I've heard Sublingual B12 can help? (or a shot) And B vits in general. Feeds those jangly nerves. Possibly with Crohns you already take all your supplements anyway? Absorbtion of all the essentials is tricky for your tum, I think. Which could be why you are suffering so badly with this? Though I think Shingles is generally horrid anyway.

    Might be worth a Google to see if there is an accepted protocol for natural treatment? I popped in 'B12 and shingles' and there are a few choices.

    Hope you are soon feeling better again

  • Thank you Al10. I will look into that. I am really hurting again tonight. It is never ending .

    Thank you for your support

    Lizzie xx

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