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Today i am meeting upwith my 2 best frinds to have a girly chat for couple of hours i love it when we do that we try to do it at least 2/3 times a month if we can to have a real good catch up. we do text each other evry day too so we keep up with each other but is is always nicer to do it face to face and just help and advise them as they do me i dont know where i would be without my good friends i can and do tell them lots of things and always come away feelling cleansed lol so i would recommend it to any one lovee to you all diddle x

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Hi Diddle I hope u have a very enjoyable day Gentle hugs x


Hope you had a lovely time x


Yes Diddle its so good to be able to meet up with friends and have "girlie" times!! x x x x Sue


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