Saturday today how many days till Christmas?

It is 66 days

Has anyone come up with original present ideas - Why dont we have a suggestion page it is always good to find new ideas..

So I saw today a pattern for a "crochet cowl come scarf " - I have always fancied one you all know the one where you can pull it up on to your head an it portrays your face beautifully.

Please list below what you have thought of it doesnt need to be monsterly expensive!

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  • Oooooow I've got one of those gins and it's so so useful and cosy, mines made of fleece, as I get the itchy scratchys with wool directly on my skin, which saddens me hugely, I would love to be able to wear cashmere and mohair etc., but I'd end up scratching myself to shreds :-(

    Re the 66 days til the .......oh let me go and hide>>>>>>>>>


  • no hiding honey time is moving on :) xxgins

  • ditto that that to the 'C' thingy <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<well I couldn't go the same way as Foggy could I you'd all be calling me a sheep for following her as we hide baaaaa! me not ;) :) :D

  • I would like a freddy mercury look alike wrapped in bubble wrap,so I would have fun undoing the prezzy before I got to him! xx

  • heheheheh! chuckling at that :)

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • I think they call those things snoods don't they, scarf and hood, my grandson has just got one for his girlfriend, Christmas isn't on my radar really either....Dee xx

  • Eeee! Exciting!! :) you've made Zosie very happy with this fact :) I love Christmas! I've already started trawling through Amazon for gift ideas xoxo

  • Brilliant thats the way a little bit every day and then there is no pain :) xgins

  • I am quilting dolls pram covers and matching pillows for my granddaughters, and cross stitching Beatrix potter characters and framing them for the two grandsons the other one is too young so I think he will have a car, I love Christmas, its a time for families and cuddles!

  • I hole heartedly agree family fun cuddles giggles lovely :) xgins

  • I think that's why I find it so hard, because I haven't got the lovely family thing going on, and tend t be alone. I love to give gifts, normally homemade, but as I have so many negative memories of Christmas arguments when I was young, it isn't the same. The doglets enjoy it! they always get very spoilt, and rightly so :-)

    Foggy x

  • Sorry to that your alone at Christmas ,do you not have any family or friends you could shear Christmas with even just for dinner or tea .on the other hand my Christmas is full on we all have Christmas Day together me my 3 children how are adults now and probaly start doing there own thing and theirs my mum and dad sister brother in law and sweet little 3year old niece we are normally at my mums and dads my dad loves to do Christmas dinner for all of us .but this year my sister said about me and her doing Christmas dinner round my house to give my mum and dad a rest and she would help , I don't think she will as my niece is hectic and they have a bulldog pup .so it will down to me witch I don't really mind as I will be nice to give my mum and dad a rest, and I do do New Year's Day dinner so I no what it's like but my fibro and anxiety are getting worse and always tired I gather that is a simptom as well

    I have or am having a hard time letting go of my grown up children and worry about them all the time I can't see them or no what they are doing I want to see them happy and settled but it's hard my 27 year old boy who is livening in supported housing has learning difficulties and will all ways need help the other 2 girl 25 boy 20 who live at home at the moment but I think she is about to spread her wings

    Witch is good but very hard for me hugs Cherokee x

  • No I don't have family close and I would never want to intrude on anyone else's family time. I am a bit of a hermit anyway, but I do have friends, who I am sure would/will offer, but it is a family time which I feel I would be barging in on and I'm not going to do that.

    Thank you for your thoughts though Cherokee and I hope you have a wonderful time with all your family. :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • As coinage is always short my OH and I usually invite the friends over and we throw a dinner party instead of buying gifts. We eat, drink and be merry together and its always lots of fun. We do buy gifts but they tend to be daft little things and secret santa it :D

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

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