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anyone have days they just cry

i am having a really bad day today... was very fatigued yesterday, ended up in bed at 7pm. think i was sleeping by 8. had my usual night pain ect.. but today i just cant stop crying.. i have some family probs ect but everytime i try and not cry it starts again.. i have tried taken one of my diazpam to calm me down but its not working... its days like this i feel.. can i go on??

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hi honey. thanks so much for u support... i have made a doc app but not till the 24th of april its the earlist they can give me.... i hate going to surgery... what u think if my john phones them and asks for a home visit.. do u think they would do that.. i am on anti depressants but been on those ones for over 5 years..dont think there working anymore... i am at the stage just now i just want to lie in bed again.. i did that 5 years ago and ended up in hospital for 3 weeks but dont want to go down that road again if i cant help it... i have been trying to do bits in the house, but its a strange feeling as i dont think its me thats doing it..i feel so lost... hope ur ok babes.. xxxxxxx


Hi diane,

I just want to send you a big gentle hug.

I hope you feel better soon

I ask for a phone call when i cant get an appointment and they phone me back and if they want to see me then i go but most of the time they will do it over the phone.

Please try and not lie in bed as i think thats the worst you can do when you feel low. The best thing is on the sofa then you are not upstairs out of the way.

I do hope you are ok hun,

takecare, kel xxx


yes last week you only had to look at me and i was in floods of tears really sobbing like a baby havent done that for years but could not stop i dont know what is this fibro doing to us lol love to you diddle x


hugs........ its so horrible eh xx


Hi Diane,

I agree with Jules, it is certainly worth asking for either a home visit or an urgent appointment, or at the very least to speak with a Dr over the phone.

It sounds to me like you're experiencing a bit of dissociation as well - in the way you describe it doesn't feel like you doing things. I get dissociation too, it's part of the PTSD that I suffer with, and it can be very scary at times.

I can also really relate to the tearfulness. Yesterday I just cried and cried and cried! I feel totally exhausted today (and look white as a sheet apparently!) but I am feeling a bit brighter thank goodness. (I am living in a difficult situation at the moment, but am finding it harder to cope with than usual. I actually saw my GP this morning and she thinks it may be a side effect of the Amitriptyline I started 2 weeks ago for the fibro, but it could just be my PTSD & depression having a flare up as well!)

I can understand your not wanting to end up in hospital again, but hopefully you can avoid that by getting to see a Dr as a matter of urgency rather than try and struggle on until the 24th.

Please let us know how you get on if you can.

Thinking of you x


Aww hunny bug hugs, please phone doc, I have and still do phone the smaritans when horribly bad, they are so kind and it helps me to spill it all out, message from my bed xxx


aw hugs honey... can i ask...why are u in bed??? fibro.. or depression?


can i just say.. a BIG thank u from everyone who answered me.. think i will call doc tomorrow... its not the doc im scared to talk to its the receptionists.... i always get.. cant u wait... they are busy doctors u know xx


In bed with fatigue and pain but on a low as well, I know know it will pass with time, a bit of rest and then push myself a little, i have been living like this for years, my daughter sent me a link to watch once upon a time but my concentration is poor.

Your docs will have a head receptionist person a little complaint about poor service maybe !

I did go to my new docs today fed up of feeling like a fraud at my last docs, draged clothes on receptionist is a dar


And new doc was young nice and will help me, we are going to work through all my symtoms diet health ect RESULT.

Good luck thur big hugs your not on your own in this fight and this site supports us all :-)


Hi Diane

please do not let this drag on before u get help . I have ended up in a psychiatric hospital for 2 months a few years ago by not realising I needed help . I am not saying this is the case for u but just please do not be worried to ask for more urgent help , u will feel better that a professional knows how u feel .

I have been to doctors today to see dietician to try and improve my immune system, blood pressure etc and am feeling low because of dragging all past up and discussing what u cant do brings u down, but at least u have a release on this blog to get things of your chest where people understand.

Get proffessional help but dont forget this is the place to come for that release. ( oh forgot and the hugs ) :)


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