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ideas for sleep please

has anyone got any ideas for sleep, I have restless legs and with the pain of fibro I just don't get to sleep.

I take amitriptyline at night, ibupfrofin and paracetamol and fluoxetine I go to bed at around 10ish after taking the amitr earlier but I just lay there,

I watch the tv or listen to music I get sleepy and hope to drop off but no, I toss and turn all night and slowly fall of to sleep about 4.30 and then im awake at 6.00 and I give up. I should stay there and try again but I just feel guilty and have to get up, why I live alone and could sleep all day but my brain tells me no.

I try to sleep during the day but its the same old thing, pain takes over, so I sit and try to nod off but nothing works.

I would like to have some sleeping pills, but with all the hassle of an esa appeal my doctor wont give them to me as I have become so depressed, the stress off having all these interviews and forms to fill in are really bringing me down.

So if anyone has any ideas I would be totally grateful

Thanks for listening sorry I went on a bit.

Lin x

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Hello Lin, thanks for your message. You are highlighting a very common issue with Fibromyalgia, problems sleeping! I posted on another thread earlier today about timing when you take your Amitriptyline as this made a tremendous difference to me regarding me sleeping. I used to take my 50mg Amitriptyline just before bed and I couldn't sleep at all, but the strange thing was that for most of the following day I was completely wiped out, couldn't stay awake or even get out of bed sometimes. I changed the time I took my tablet to 2pm and I found by midnight I couldn't stay awake and I slept really well.

Obviously you would need to talk to your Doctor before you try this and see what they say, but it honestly worked for me. Of course your meds would have to control your pain quite well too, everything has to work well together. I have tried sleeping tablets (Zopiclone) before and it did nothing for me at all. It seems a shame to take more meds if you can perhaps juggle what you already have, If you sleep better then obviously you will feel more rested the next day, so hopefully the knock-on effect would be positive and you'd be more able to cope with your day.

Please please speak to your Doctor first though. Wishing you all the best, I hope you manage to sleep well soon. Take care. :) :)


Do u drink or eat late cause if I do its stay awake all night. I tried taking ctalopram no good. So I am still awake most nights watchin the rubbish on telly. Hope some one comes up with an idea soon. Also I thought that I take a lot of meds so try to take them couple hors before b ed so stomache is empty still no luck do not no if any this helps think I am goin into a fog lol x x


hi lin i was taking 3 amitriptlyn anight to aid sleep but was finding it diffficult to function the next daymy gp has just changed me to nortriptyline 1 a night it is working i try and take it at least an hour before i go to bed im finding this med is making me feel less like a zombie the next day i know as people have said we are all differant but it may be worth a trip tp your gp to discuss. joed


Are you on any medication for the RLA? maybe that would help, I am up to 5 hours a night sleep now, usually 3-4 then up for a few then back for 1-2. May not sound good but I was like you until my GP put me on Pramipexole. I have read somewhere I think, fluoxetine and Amytriptilene are not always helpful for RLA. i should have another chat with your GP. good luck and take care Caz


Me again! got the brain fog today, I meant RLS of course! sorry, best wishes CAZ


Hi all thanks for comments caz I only have the meds above the rheumatologist just amitry would help with rls but I might ask about Pramipexole is it a pain killer ?

have to google it I haven't got to see him for a while but I have to let him know if I hear about the esa appeal hes more worried about the depression it has brought on he is no happy with them

thanks for your help caz

take care

Lin x


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