Yesterday i popped to the bank and then came home wlked my doggy a few times up the road which is 5 mins a time then i jus went up the stairs and laid on my bed all day which is not like me at all there were things i could have done in the house but i just could not get into gearto dothem so i jus laid ther but did i sleep NO i thought being up there i may drop off for hour or so but big fat NO so today i was up again at 4 am , hope you all sleeping better love diddle xxx

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  • I wish bad night morning all my body is in pain due to wet weather. :- ( soft hugs ))))) to all Allan

  • me neither 7am i closed my eyes 10 2 10 i was up agen soft hugs

    trigger xx

  • some times the pain is so bad you cant sleep i know xxx

  • you poor love, Diddle, that sucks. sleep is the only escape we get isn't it. I hope you've had a better time of things today and manage to get some kip tonight xx

  • on thursday was a bad day did not feel like doing anything did not care if i aet or not, was depressed all day could not seem to drop this awful feeling. today am still feeling really down how do we shake this feeling.am very tired, but can,t sleep.

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