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I've become nocturnal

I must be a vampire. Since I've been off sick my sleeping pattern is totally topsy turvy. I've not been sleeping good at night so I've ended up sleeping all day and missed the chemist opening hours to get my certraline. I am a dumb cluck. Now I'll be a miserable dumb cluck and end up eating more chocolates. Yes I still have some left!

Er who am I? Oh yes - Storm :-D

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Oh dear, that sounds so familiar. I used to go to sleep later and later and then wake up later missing appointments. Now I am on Lyrica I could sleep 24/7 which is not good. A lot of us become nocturnal.

Maybe you need to try and sleep less in the day (easier said than done I know) but then you might get some sleep at night and be awake for the chemist.

I would say good night but maybe I should say good morning :-)

Piggie hugs xxxx


I am a nocturnal insomniac, so I sympathise. I have always been more awake at night time, very often before Fibro, I would stay up all night and be none the worse for it. Now having Fibro, I still stay up most of the night, but the difference is I am not much good in the mornings now.

I do try to regulate my bedtimes, but frankly who wants to go to bed when they're firing on cylinders and wide awake! Even when I eventually go up to bed, I sit up for about two hours still wide awake playing with my IPhone or my Kindle.

It's true what Piggie says above, try not to nap or sleep during the day and hopefully you will feel tired enough to sleep by mid evening or just a bit later.

I hope you manage to get some good restorative sleep very soon Storm!

It is easier said than done, and if you ever do manage to work it all out, could you let me know too please as I am hopeless at going to bed. Bless you! Here's a hug (((hug))) xxx


Thanks for your comments. I've even tried to stay awake all night and the next day to see if I could get a 'normal' sleep pattern but I just ended up sleeping for twice as long the day after and then being awake again etc, etc and so the patten continues. It is midnight and I know I won't sleep for several hours despite extreme fatigue. I have 5 days to getting body-clock back in order as back to work next week :-(

Storm x


Ha I tried that one Storm LOL...... I thought I was the only insane insomniac LOL

Actually I'm not an insomniac because I do get 8/9 hours sleep.....just not at the right time of day.

I've tried using melatonin (circadin) which they give to long haul pilots to combat jet lag and it did kind of work for a short time.

I went to my brothers in canada (6 hour time difference) and seemed to be fine

(really didn't help my family accept this illness by the way)

So my conclusion is I'm just living in the wrong country LOL

I've found an occasional use melatonin on iherb which I do use sometimes.

I've also found out that using phones, TV and kindle make the problem worse because of the light. We're not supposed to use anything light based for at least 2 hours before bed. People with 'falling asleep issues' are supposed to use books or radio to allow the brain to KNOW its night time.

I'm not saying I've mastered this though.....

Us vampires really should swap ideas that work....although we're all different.

I HATE not having my morning and missing the shops completely because they close at 5 !!!

soul destroying

It really re enforces the thoughts that I no longer fit in this world.

Very hard for a sociable person to feel sociable.. I end up isolating badly x

Hope you all have a good night tonight


Ditto here I am afraid this issue is very common x


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