I filled in my DLA forms with a man from DIAL few weeks a go and then got a letter saying they had recieved them then 2 weeks after that i got a letter saying they needed more information from my GP and should here within 8 weeks so i am about 5/6 weeks in .But after reading alot of the blogs on here i really dont hold out much hope to get it but we will see the main thing is if i dont get it i wont be any worse off than i was.

I hope you all have a lovely day and may be back on here later love diddle xxxxx

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  • i hope you do get it diddle ,but do brace yourself for the abrupt letter they send if dont get it ,it really upset me ,its like they are calling you a liar ,thats how i saw it anyway ,my freind said if it lands on your mat and its a thick letter then its good news if its skinny its bad news xxx

  • I had my money stopped in January and have been waiting for appeal since, it's so frustrating, my decision letter was horrendous I was in tears made me ask why they dont have a dictaphone to record interview that would save alot of upset ;-) sorry for rambling been awake since 5 x have a relaxing day if possible xxx

  • I am sorry, they are so thoughtless. Take the initiative next time. You have to ask if you can record the meeting and can make a note if they refuse, but they usually don't mind. It is legal if you ask, illegal if you don't, and thats from a lawyer in another situation.

    Good luck and in the meantime gather as much information and write down as many details as you can. Take someone with you too.

    Soft hugs

  • I had my letter yesterday telling me I was entitled to nothing,after taking them 2 months to make a decision, made me feel like a fraud and a liar. I just wish they could understand the pain we all suffer, but no matter what the decision remember " don't let the b*******rds get you down".

  • We must all keep fighting and never give up. Fibro is a dreadful illness and the pain you suffer is more than real, its a nightmare. They are wicked and unfair to us. Continually drag it out when they have to make a decision on money but we have to hurry up with our forms even though we can hardly move and think. Its so tiring fighting for something which is ours. Wishing you strength and positive thinking to keep you going.

  • That goes for you too Lothwen. Write a heartfelt but polite letter, stating it like it is, how FM affects your life. It worked for me as they reviewed their decision and awarded me mobility funds. Good luck. xx

  • Iv'e been turned down 3 times over the last 2 years. Because I can still use my arms and legs (forget how much pain that sometimes causes) I am not entitles to Jack ****! mind you because I have been on ESA for the 2 years a woman at the job centre said that if my latest assessment proves there is at least ONE job I COULD do my benefits will stop, over riding what my Dr says. Is this right? How difficult is it to explain to someone that it chances every day and them believing you that what you say is worse in real life? For their information (and I did tell her this) that I would LOVE to go back to my old job as a Child Care Practitioner. I miss it so much. However I can't see that possible seeing as nowadays I cant even remember where I put my bag let alone a child!! I couldn't lift of bend or sit on a small chair. Concentrate on Story Time or have the patience any more :( Its a terrible waiting game I know. My assessment was 3 weeks ago and I was told it could take 8 weeks or more! Its not comforting to think that someone who has never met you in person has the say-so of whether you are fit for work or not :(

    Hope you have success Diddle, Life is a bowl of cherries but sadly many are rotten lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Im lucky as I had arthritis first so I think that's the main reason I get mine as it effects my feet and hands, unfortunately it has nothing to do with how much pain we are in it's just if we can do it or not. I can't cook for myself but only get the low rate care as they feel I only need an hours worth a day but they know I live full time with my mum and she does everything to do with the house but not much physically for me just help dress sometimes and help me out of bed and a few other things.

  • i have ostioarthritis and was told i had fibromyoligia and it as been going on for years.don,t give up hope you wil get you,r letter i had to wait 13 weeks because they said they had to have more information from my gp. it was frustrating at times.i got the low rate disability,ihave had a visit to the job centre this week and they told me i passed the medical i had in april this year,i felt that the lady i spoke to was nice but to her it was a job and no more.keep you,r chin up,we are there for you.

  • I have just been awarded DLA after it went to appeal and the only reason I think I got it was I took every letter for hospital appointments with me, as well as letters from my own GP, the Chronic Pain Management Clinic and the shrink that I have been seeing. The Dr that came to the house to do my assessment said in his report that basically there was nothing wrong with me, he didn't once ask about my Fibro or CFS. All he seemed to be interested in was if I could hold his folder and how I walked. He managed to work out that I could walk more than 200 meters from me taking 8 steps!! I thought from this report that I was going to get another knock back and was up to high doe about the Tribunal. But I prepared myself for it and prayed that I wouldn't having a foggy day... When they started asking question I steered right to the levels of pain I was in, the fatigue and generally the other symptoms of my Fibro and how this affected me on a daily basis, what I could and couldn't do because it. After that I found that the Dr on the panel asked more about my Fibro and what swung it from me was the fact that my own GP's diagnosis had been confirmed by the Dr at the Pain Clinic. I have been told that for some reason they don't tend to believe your own GP, which I think is atrocious!!

    So I wish you luck, hold on to that small glimmer that its not all doom and gloom.....

    Very gentle hugs


  • Don't be disheartened by the length of time for your claim to be decided. The DM needs all info that is available to hopefully come to the correct decision for you. Just think of the amount of money you will get if successful, it will all be backdated from the date you made your claim.

    Keep your chin up.. GOOD LUCK LOL XXX

  • I hope you get it. Keep strong. Its a hard fight for fibro sufferers. Don't be put off by anything?

  • Please don't give up, any of you, i too had all my money stopped, after many years, although i had to fight each time for it..Everything stopped without warning..I have a dependant and i have had H/B I/S,CTB Everything stopped.But you must keep going and keep strong Disabled people really do get a raw deal and there seems to be no 'empathy' nor 'compassion' for the genuine people who need help as there is simply no way you can work when you're in chronic pain, day in day out..Remember, you are the one feeling this just have to make them realise how it affects your day to day life..It is a very real pain and a very real illness.Keep going please and do not give up..I am still fighting and i honestly don't know where the strength comes from, but you will find it..Thinking of you all, who are fighting and who are suffering.Bless

  • stick with it hun i recieved lowest care component few years back but no mobility, when my needs changed i filled form in myself and waited 3 months for a decision of which they wrote to my doctor, i have now been awarded full mobitlity which will help make my life more comfortable putting things that can help me be more comfortable in my home, it does take time i waited 17 wks for my decision..good luck from shaz x

  • good luck

  • I posted my re application to get my benefit increased was sent 3 weeks ago, I got a letter to say they will reassess my application in 11 weeks time, hopefully by this time my consultant will write back to them with regards to my condition worsening. Good luck to everyone who are trying to get there DLA or have it already but wanting an increase. If I have to go to a tribunal again I will take my Dictaphone with me this time.

  • I am still waiting for my tribunal since waiting from Novenber 2011, so dont give up yet, you will almost certainly have to appeal as they just don't recognise pain!

    I had a doctor from the tribunal visit me at my home for one and three quarter hours and received a copy of his report. whilst very sypathetic to my Fibro it does say I can move about even though my whole body HURTS so I am not expecting any thing positive on my claim.

    Ho Hum.

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