Dreaded Letter :(

Hi all well I`ve had my dreaded letter from DLA this morning telling me that I can keep my lower rate care but got nothing else! :( Advise please it says I can ring then if i disagree and yes i do I had a Doc who has never met me do my letter because my own Doctor has left the surgery so how can someone who has never sat in front of you do a letter! Do i ring them and expain to them and tell them i will get a letter (paid) from my Doctor who left and send in?? HELP feel so down and alone at this present time :( x

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  • Umm well I get low rate care dla and after reading so many posts on here about people getting nothing from dla that I take it gratefully glad I actually get something...

    VG x

  • hi sorrry your not pleased on outcome but as VG says something is better than nothing and yeah disagree if not happy you can all but keep trying xx

  • yws do and if no good appeal go see new doctor he should be able to write letter he has your medical records

  • Hi I dont often leave a post on here but I am a regular reader of everyone elses and very helpful they were indeed. Can i just say, appeal, appeal, appeal. Get as many letters as you can, I even had a letter from my friend that comes in and helps me. Last year I was awarded lower rate care. I had to put in another questionnaire 6 weeks ago and I was honestly thinking they would take that away as well. I had kept a copy of my last succesful set of paperwork so I thought I would just copy them and then they cant really say no and hopefully I would keep the lower rate. Can you imagine my shock when the letter came through saying I will be getting higher rate mobility and lower rate care. I cried tears of joy, it has been a long 5 year fight, exhausting and demeaning sometimes but I am so glad I kept on. Please dont give up if I can do it, you can.

  • Thank you phoebedweedy that post has just cheered me up a bit. Yes after Christmas I`m making an appointment at the CAB going to get my old Doctor to do my letter even if I have to pay, and appeal, but I am waiting for one appeal date concerning my DLA already. But will carry on fighting and I`m not settling for second best when I know I am entitled to it :) x

  • I am presently on high mobility and low care, but in your situation I would appeal if you feel you should, but like VG says I would be glad to have just that if push came to shove and I was at risk of getting nothing. Eventually DLA will be abolished and everyone on it will be invited to claim PIP instead, unless age 64+, then it will AA. That of course will make it even harder for us fibromites to get what we should be entitled to xxxx ( I wish you luck)

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