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I got a letter !!!!!!!

Hi every one . I got a letter from my consultant asking me to go see him

not one of his undelings but him . I have not seen his since 2009 . it all started when my doctor sent him a letter asking if the stim machine is any good for me he sent back saying it is no good for fibro and it would only be a placebo affect . And now he is saying he would like to see me . So maybe he will change my meds and put me on something that mite work .oh I do hope so . will keep you all posted .

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Hi there,that's good news then.What is the stim machine as haven't heard of it x


it is called the Alfa Stim and Mdaisy has put a link on it


Hi hopefully good news for you my fingers are crossed for you Kath :)

Like Haribo, what is a stim machine?

xxxzebxxx hugs and fluffies



I didn't get the letter, even though I asked for a copy at the clinic.

Just phoned my gp surgery and there is a letter there but no mention of the TMJ the rheumy diagnosed, nor how long to be on Pregabalin or if there is to be an increase in dosage. Just, "this lady is showing symptoms of fibromyalgia", (she told me it was definite, even pointing out the trigger points) and the list of medications. I don't go back until April, I feel like I have been left hanging. GP has not asked me for an appointment so he must be happy, what is going on?


Hi ya, are you referring to the Alpha-Stim? If you are, I have been using it for the past 6 weeks and I personally think it helps, with pain, depression, anxiety and often insomnia. I have reduced pain meds. Helps your med to work more effectively.


Hello LaurieLee,

It seems in your experience you feel the Alpha Stim is helping which is good and this information about one study seems to report similiar findings, link below;

Research continues .... ....

Hope this is of interest

Best Wishes

Emma :)


Thanks Mdaisy.


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