got my esa result

Well I sent my fit for work from incapacity form back into atos on jan 21st and yesterday got a latter ftom them saying I have been put in the support group, and they find me completely unfit for work, I used benefits and work documents and a letter from my doctor, which I filled in the form and attached the letter.

so thanks to the help I got from B&W and my fab doctor, that I have not had to go thro a medical or anything else,

a more relaxed person today, so that was 2 lots of good news yesterday, as had operation yesterday on very bad early onset catartact, which also worked a dream, other one to be done in next 2 months,

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  • Congrats so nice to hear something good for people

    VG x

  • so pleased for you. you are so lucky to have a good dr that believes in you.

  • Congratulations and a speedy recovery from your op. I didnt find out about the B&W guides until after I had filled mine in but there you go not to worry. Good luck again xx XH

  • I sent my forms off the week before Christmas and have still heard nothing. I have a lot of serious health issues and am quite a complex case so wandered if that might be the reason as its a lot for them to look into maybe. I dread that letter coming through the door xxx

  • what is a b&w report please

  • hi i,m confused also what is b&w, how do they help, i,m also applying for DLA, need some help desperatley,will carry on reading, see what i learn, thank you

  • Well done! Hope you go from strength to strength after yr ops x. I couldn't believe you were posting so soon after the op!

  • SueLynn, the Benefits & Work site has documents which are helpful when dealing with medical claims. Admin on here can provide you with them.

  • Great & congrats just wish others had great GPs. Some DR do not recognise Fibro as real.Get info in your GP surgery so others do not struggle.I am sure you have thanked your DR as they will want to know how your claim went.

  • Good news. I sent mine back on 14th january but still waiting on a reply.

  • thanks for the comments, yes I went to see my doctor and thanked him for his help, I really was dreading it as with all the bad news everyone was having I was expecting to be told I had not got it,

    I just pray for everyone of you who are having to do this that you get good results,

    soft hugs

    lozb xx

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