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OMG a non foggy day

Yayyyyyy non foggy day. It's like clouds have lifted. Just managed a sh ower (had to sit on chair though) Exhuasted now but at least I don't stink lol.Now because I've slept for virtualy 36 hours apart from loo and drink breaks i'm hoping that I can stay awake untill tonight and actualy get something done. Drip drying at moment,,,far easier lol.Do you all go mad on non fogs and do as much as you can even though you know you will suffer the next day Hope you all have as good a Jubilee weekend as you can. (((((hugs))))) to you all xx

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managed to get some sunlight the other day and was helped outside like a ninety year woman but who cares it was wonderful and worth the exhaustion afterwards.... butterfly hugz petal


awwwwww it's awful feeling like that. Just imagine if we could all have a totally pain free day once a month and feel like how we used to. sighhhhhhh (((hugs))) back xx


oooops sorry that should of been a reply to fadedblossom not a new question


Well done you!! Isn't it lovely when that happens? I hope it's not too long before the good days out-number the bad!

Take care of you xxxxxxxx


oh I wish Jane, it's noticeable when I don't have one because it's more or less permanant .

You take care too xx


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