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A laugh a day, and all jazz

Hi all, feeling down a bit at the moment, as apart from a fibro flare up, and my hand giving some pain, thought it time for a giggle , so here goes............ I can only please one person a day, today is NOT your day, and, tomorrow doesn`t look too good either ---I keep this one for only VERY good friends,after all with a friend like me, who would want enemies and for CAT LOVERS ....

I`m only a cat, and I stay in my place-- up there on your chair, on your bed, or your face--I`m only a cat, and we`ll get on fine,as long as YOU know------I`M NOT YOURS-------YOUR ALL MINE. //////////// Not particularly that good, but I`m doing my best. Love to you all, and have a good day.

Lyndia x

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Hi lyndia, I too am a cat lover and totally get what you've said, you are a only ever owned by the superior species. Thank you for making me giggle and as laughter is a good cure, I hope you feel better for having shared this :-) :-)

Foggy x


Well said he he thanks for sharing this with us xgins


A cat doesn't have owners he (she) has staff!!!! I'm defo coming back as one next time, looking at mine now, snoring in dappled sunlight, having woken me up at 4am today soaking wet and demanded he was fussed over on the bed! He's a big cat and a bigger wimp but oh so pretty! xx


love the post lyndia. I am a total cat-lover (wish i had the know- how to put a photo of my cat bollicky-bill on. he's so cool. a ferral cat we found in a caravan site as a kitten. he looks a bit like the cat in the 'be more dog' adverts on TV at the moment. Thanks for making me smile.... I actually have that as a wall-plaque in my kitchen. Have a good weekend, lorraine


A lovely post Lyndia,I have cats and dogs xxx


Love your posts Lyndia x


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