Lalalalalala in Foggy Land ;-)

Lalalalalala in Foggy Land ;-)

As some of you may be aware I woke up this morning to find that I had no power in the friend's house where I'm staying at the moment whilst my friend is away. Fine, thinks Foggy and spuddles about only using the Aga once for a cup of coffee in the hope of keeping it hot for longer as I wasn't sure how long the power would be off for. Did a bit of felting listening to my battery powered radio..... It got to just after midday and still no sign of power, but with the irritating burglar alarm bleeping as it does when the power is off, then comes a knock at the door, it's my friend's cleaning lady, so I welcome her in and say "of course you realise the powers off so you won't be able to do much " ( she lives just round the corner from where I am). Her reply was that her power wasn't off, strange we both thought, then we looked at the electric meters, and the trip switch had obviously gone off during one of the apparently several minor interruptions of power during the night. So..... the moral of this tale is Foggy is a complete and utter numpty......why didn't I even look ? I just took it that as the radio was saying about all the homes without power that I was included, so I could have had several cups of coffee, put up Pic of the day (many thanks though to both pip and Em for theirs :D ) etc all with no problem...... Now you will realise why I really am Foggy and that the wind took what is reported to be my brain with it when it blew through !! Lalalalala :D :D

Foggy x

P.s. Hope everyone came through the storms safe and sound :-)

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  • Hi Foggy, that has put a smile on my face for the first time today, so it's wasn't all for nothing!

    All well here, a few trees down but otherwise fine.

    Take care

    Mazz x

  • Oh Mazz, so pleased I brought a smile to you, so my stupidity was worth it then :D :D

  • Hi Foogy, OK here as well. Good job the cleaning lady appeared. It's hard to really know what is what in someone else's home.



  • Glad you're ok jilly, I should know really, I spend a lot of time here, both with my friend and if she's away, it makes a change, which is nice :-) How are you doing? Not too bad I hope :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Oh no! Bless you. I'm sure I'd have thought exactly the same as you and presumed it was a power cut! Thank goodness for the cleaning lady showing up! Sam xxx

  • Thanks so much, and yay for the cleaning lady :-)

  • Aw! my dear Foggy friend how I feel for you ;) :)

    I would have probably have assumed the same hunny :o and also pleased the cleaning lady turned up too :D

    All that fogginess aside how are you doing? and how are the doglets?

    I managed to escape the carnage and travel safely to Cumbria :D

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Thanks zeb, glad you've escaped to Cumbria safely :-)

  • Awww thank you all for your kind words, but I really do feel such a fool. As you say thank goodness for the cleaning lady, otherwise I would be sitting hunched over a candle, but may have twigged at some point when other houses would appear with lights.........nothing so foolish as a befuddled Foggy in full flow !! :D :D

    Foggy x

  • Aww foggy,I would have done the same myself so don't be too hard on yourself :O

  • ive done the same, the worst is when you call out an electrician and they flip the switch, look smug and charge you! Here`s a funny story - re electricians. I spent a lot of my working life as a physio working from home. One of my patients was an electrician who was, to be honest, drop dead gorgeous! He was ex-army, and had a six pack. Anyhow we had trouble with electrics and asked him to come and look. He solved the problem and charged a pittance. My husband - who is not ex-army, and has a sixpack somewhere deeply hidden - i love him very much but .... in his gratefulness he flung his arms around the electrician and kissed him hard! My embarrassment knew n o bounds! I had to promise solemnly it would never happen again before he`d come back... he`s since emigrated to Australia! xxxxx (the electrician, not my husband!) Watch this space for truly embarrassing dog stories!

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