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non blanching rash & fibro

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hi everyone

From the very start of having fibro when ever I have a flare up I get a rash like in the below image. At first it worried doctors as it is non blanching and can range from red to a dark purple but now they just suggest it is just another symptom of fibro. However, they are never able to tell me what it is or why specifically it happens so I just wondered if this is something anyone else has experienced?

19 Replies
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hi, yes I get this, but mine star off white, they change to your colour, and sometimes they pop and split and then peel, my doctor thinks it’s part fibro and part my eczema, does yours itch?.

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Scout2000 in reply to Blue-52


Thank you for replying!

No they don’t itch but they do start off white sometimes before changing to a darker colour. They’re completely flat more like a rash than spots so they don’t pop or split.

Do yours have any specific triggers or causes as to why they appear because I can’t figure out what causes mine?

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Blue-52 in reply to Scout2000

you are very welcome .

Mine tend to come and go as they please, I don’t know if it is anything to do with our nerve endings, but when my two main back muscles collapsed, I was smothered from heat to toe with the rash, you couldn’t put a pin prick between them, at the time I was told it was my body going into shock and it affected my nerve endings ? So may be if you are in a great pain, it could possibly trigger it. It’s mind boggling, isn’t it.

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had similar, since changed diet to gluten free and dairy free they have reduced.

one of the rash signs could be having a food allergy to gluten can be a rash, hopefully your doctor has ruled that out with a blood test? and a prick allergy test?

it may even be washing powder, medications on,

try to make a food diary, check any products using.

hope disappears soon.

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Scout2000 in reply to fmlife

thank you this is really helpful!

I have recently noticed my headaches increase when I eat more dairy products so it is likely other symptoms like my rash may be linked to food intolerances. I will definitely start a food diary thank you for that suggestion 👍🏼

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Hi S2000.

Before noticing the rash like spots, did you suffer from a hot flush as I'm no doctor or medically trained either.

However those spots remind me of heat rash & I do have experience of that & it's nothing major & it soon goes away on its own.

I may be totally wrong but it could be a possibility & I hope it gets better soon.

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Hiya Scout,

I get a rash like that on the top part of both arms. It only started when my Dr put me on Duloxetine. Mine look a bit more raised than yours, like blood blisters. Mine don’t itch or bother me. They come n go. I wondered if u take Duloxetine too? Gentle hugs 😊🤗

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Scout2000 in reply to SlothMode

I’m currently on gabapentin but yours do sound similar to mine as they don’t itch and they do look like little blood blisters x

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SlothMode in reply to Scout2000

The first time mine appeared on my arms I showed my Dr n she said what on earth have u been doing to yourself?! I calmly replied nothing it’s only started appearing since u put me on Duloxetine. Sometimes mine are round n sometimes the shape of a grain of rice. Just another weird freaky unexplained thing I now have lol! 😊🤗

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It looks somewhat like Dermatitis Herpetiformis, which often goes hand in hand with celiac disease.

Maybe try cutting out gluten (tough) for a month or so and see what happens.

You say it doesn't blister, but if it becomes more severe and itchy or does blister you need to request a celiac test. Actually you need to keep eating gluten if you do go for a test.

NHS England: "The rash is itchy and has blisters that burst when scratched. It usually occurs on your elbows, knees and buttocks, although it can appear anywhere on your body. It's estimated that around 1 in 5 people with coeliac disease also develop dermatitis herpetiformis."

Picture included

Dermatitis Herpetiformis, red rash woth spots on skin
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Alanna012 in reply to Alanna012

This a google stock pic of Dermatitis Herpetiformis

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When I have a flare up parts of the body swell and itch and then i do have a rach . But I have to go back to rumerthogly as an ultrasound saw inflamation.

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Hi, yes I get it too. I have no idea why or how but it comes and goes. Drs just tell me to keep an eye on it, as I believe their as confused as I am with it. are your on your leg? Mine tend to be on my inner calf’s but I get the white ones everywhere too x

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Scout2000 in reply to Jint71

hiya, yes that sounds very similar to my doctors they all seem very confused by them! I’ve had them on the back of my knees, chest and upper arms. I also get white marks mainly on my legs I used to think this was poor circulation untill I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

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the white ones are like nerve endings pin pricks 🤔

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Hi. It looks like Petechiae. That happens when blood vessels bleed and they usually show up when you have an infection. If your flares are caused by a virus, that could explain it. If you have no new symptoms and they go away or do not spread, it's generally viewed as par for the course. If they spread and are accompanied by new or worsening symptoms, then you might want to request a full blood count with autoimmune panel. Hope you feel better soon.

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Scout2000 in reply to LupieMani

thank you so much for replying that makes so much sense! A few weeks ago I had a viral infection and I’m still recovering really. Also, thinking back over the years they tend to flare up when I’m run down or have other illnesses. Thank you because I do think this may well be the reason and even though they don’t cause me any discomfort I still worry and this has helped put my mind at ease. As it’s always reassuring to have a possible name and reason for it x

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Lupusrelative in reply to LupieMani

think you hit the nail on the head!

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Yes, that friend makes an appearance now and again and yes my doctor says it is just a part of the fibro making its presence felt Pretty normal along with the little monsters sawing my arm off and the dwarf drilling a hole in my head.

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