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infection may turn out to be kidney stones

well went to docs today as was up half the night n pain again,turns out the doctor thinks i may have kidney stones, so iv to take antibiotics for another week, which makes it 3 weeks now and shes sending away for me to get a scan done iv to take tramadol 4 times a day now instead of twice as well as my morphine and paracetamol, on the up side i was at my first physio appointment and they were brilliant, they recognise fibro and gave me a leaflet on fibro was really pleased with them xx

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hi sorry to hear you might have kidney stones. with all the meds you'll be rattleing. hopefully scan will sort things out. how did you get physio. my Dr quite good but i dont think the practise is that geared up on fibro. daily i take 8 tramadol, 8 paracetamol, 4 aamatriptaline a day, but i'm still in pain. soft hugs xx


hi scrumie lol feel as though thats all my life consists of is tablet after tablet, i had a lot of pain in my neck and shoulder and could hardly move so my doctor refered me to physio for it, i dont know were u stay but here in glasgow most physio departments have drop in centres or u can refer urself to them, ask ur doctor about going for it as they should be able to refer you, just tell them u want help to control ur mobility as u feel u dont have the full use of all your joints xx

hope this helps x


Hi sparkydawl I'm the other end of the country down in Devon. No drop in centres down here. Our Dr's surgery has a physio but she is always so booked up and not brill. Maybe i'll put myself under a steam roller but it might leave me feeling a little flat ha ha (sorry). soft hugs xx


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