Hi every one hope all is as well as can be and every one is holding up ok just a quick question really my doctor has given me GABAPENTIN to take three times a day staeting on 100mgs for 1st week then up to 200mgs 3times aday for a week then up to 300mgs 3 times a day but i was just wondering if any one eles is also taking this for fibro and if so how does it make you feel does it help with the pain ect ?? iv seen alot of ppl take dulaxtine or something on those lines lol and was thinking maybe they might be better any help would be fab thank you all lizzy xx

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  • Hi Lizzy

    I have been on Gabapentin 600mg 3 times a day for over a year now. To start with it can make you very tired and more fuzzier than usual but as you body adapts you get used to it but you can still feel a little fuzzy. I didn't think it did much until I had to come of it over Christmas as I had a rash they thought maybe connect. Oh boy, I had the worst Christmas ever, I ached and felt sooooo il, so yes it does help. The rash wasn't connected and I was so glad to get back on it in the New Year.

    Sadly I am now in the process of coming of it again as my body has got used to it. I tried going up in dose but I couldn't cope so my doc is trying me on something else but I need to come off the Gabapentin first. Once again I am starting to feel awful and so fatigued.

    Give it a try, we all react differently to drugs. I can't take Amitripyline as it makes me very angry and unreasonable but lots of people take it.

    I would still be on Gabapentin now but 900mg was just too much and I was becoming a zombie!

    Piggie hugs xxxxxx

  • Hi

    I was perscribed it a few years ago but it made me really short tempered, like i had PMS all the time. I was hell to be around and decided to stop taking it. Obviously everyone is different and things effect them in different ways. Good luck if it helps you.

  • Gabbapentin is used to help pain and in my case also helps with electric shock type pain and muscle jerks which I have suffered for last 10 years I have been on Gabapentin about 7 years currently on 600mg 3 times a day, it is the best thing I have taken for my muscle spasms and along with my Morphine is the best control of pain I have ever have

    Duloxetine is an anti depressant that helps with pain relief in some fibro patients sadly it didnt for me and I needed the anti depressant qualities of the Venlafaxine I was taking and returned to more


  • Hi Lizzy

    I went to see a specialist in London, last year (I think!) He prescribed me gabapentin, and YES it has made a good difference for me. I am also on noratryptelene at night, to try and help me sleep. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Tramadol also helps. One morning I got up and went out, forgetting my morning pills. I was an accident waiting to happen. Certainly teaching me how these pills ( and others) really help me.

    So It is certainly worth you trying them and see if they work for you too Good luck


  • Hi I was put on Gabapentin at Christmas when i had my worse flareup ever! unable to do anything ,. Started off on 100mg 3x daily but no reduction in pain. my Dr not in surgery so phoned and spoke to Duty Dr who didnt want to change what had already been prescribed by another Dr. I told him that whether he sanctioned my increasing the Gabapentin or not I was putting it up to 300mg 3x a day. Heard his intake of breath on the phone but he said to increase it slowly and he would get my own Dr to phone me 4 days later ! I have found that I cant now reduce or stop the Gabapentin as it certainly helps with my pain. Of course I still get days when I just dont feel part of the human race but at least this drug plus amitriptyline and Duloxetine means I have reasonable days where I can get to church in my car and see my friends who then cheer me up. at first a bit drowsy but it soon went..Hope it has good results for you> worth trying and persevering as found it was about a month before I had a really good day. At least I can tolerate it and know that should it begin to have lots of breakthrough pain there is scope for the Gabapentine to be increased.. I am fortunate to have a background in dispensing medicines so am aware of the maximum tabs i could take. Am hoping that as I get older still,my system will be able to tolerate the drugs. have had Fibro almost 30yrs but was only fully diagnosed in 2006 and told to stop work immediately. At least I was working part time on night duty having retired in 2001. so not too much of an upheaval. Good Luck with your new drug and I hope you will feel the improvement which I did..Dorarose.

  • I have also just started taking these pills 3 days ago, they seem to be ok unto now, obviously not fully in my system yet but I have had NO side effects up to know, fingers crossed, I am also doin the same dosages as urself so let's hope these work for us both ;-) good luck with these x

  • I take 300 4 x a day I was up to 900 3 x a day and felt awful so have reduced them down and feel a little more in control although pain is worse! But we can't have it all xxx

  • I won't take any of the anti depressant type drugs. The side effects for me are awful. They just add to the toxic responses going on on my body. I've found diet, acupuncture and bo resonance much more helpful .

  • they are not anti depressants they were originally used for epilepsy where patients as an anti convulsant ??? or something like that (spelling??) but they discovered they were good for neuropathic pain, which a lot of Fibro is made up of. thats why they tend to prescribe them now. there is another similar drug they use too, again for the same purpose, cant think of the name.

    Be careful though gabapentin is another one of those drugs like aminitrityline, which i also take, that you mustnt just come straight off them.

    i have been taking them for so long bow, that they possibly aren't helping as well as they could but they certainly reduced the pain They are also used to treat the after pain from Shingles.

  • Hi

    Yes Im on Gabapentin too. It works for me Im currently on 400mg three times a day.

    I started on 100mg once a day for 2 days then introduced the second dose and I felt so dizzy and tired so I went back to the 100mg for a few more days ( the dr had advised to introduce it slowly but it was too quick to up the doses for me) then tried the 2nd dose and I was fine. I stayed at this for another 4 days to let my body get used to it then introduced the 3rd daily dose. Ive had to do the same each time Ive upped the dose.

    Good luck with it.

  • Hi Lizzy. I was 0n 1200mg of Gabapentin a day for years, until January this year. It is an amazing drug for pain, but my pain management doc took me off them as I was fighting with my weight and they are notorious for weight problems. I am now on 200 Topiramate twicw a day, which do the same job as the gabapentin and Im not struggling to lose weight. Hope this helps. LizzyAnne62 xxx

  • I couldn't cope with Gabapentin or Tramadol, so now take Pregablin, less side effects but I don't really find much benefit. Just started Duloxrtine too, as well as Amitryptiline

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