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Uti and kidney infection. Does anyone have problems with this?

I have more or less on going uti or kidney infect or both. I'm lucky if I get a week before its back again. Iv had bowel trouble for 17yrs but it wasn't until Xmas eve when the most horrible pain hit while I was urinating. That was the start and again iv been told its part of my condition now go away. Is it a prob with fibro? Xx

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Yes three years ago i had constant water infections and it went to my kidneys twice. It was months of hell and i lost two stone in weight. I had fibro then but i now have been left with ME too and the specialist has said it is because of the many water infections. So becareful. I was anti biotics for months.

I hope they clear up soon.

hugs, kel xxxx


Hi, i too have been having lots of urine infections, but each time urine tests came back negative.

However with the help and support of this lovely group of people i took their advice and went back to my gp.

I now have an appointment to see a urologist on 14thJune as my gp thinks i may have intestial cystitis which is another symptom of fibro.

I hope that you will get your water infections under control as it really does get you down as well as all the pain, dsicomfort and lack of sleep

Take care

Gentle hugs

Bonnie lass


Again, I had this for a long time. Finally I went to see a new GP who sent me to the hospital straight away. They did tests etc and after a while it came back that I had an S shaped tube. So I had that corrected, then they discovered an tumour, but they lost it lolol So I renamed it Lord Lucan lolol. The test was that it was benign anyway, so I wasn't bothered.

Have you got High Blood Pressure or diabetes as these both can cause kidney problems.


I never knew UTIs and kidney infections were related to fibro - may explain why I suffer with them so much? I have had several bladder and kidney scans but there seems to be no abnormalities, yet every 4-6 weeks I appear to be on another course of anti biotics to shift another infection.

Thanks for the info!


yes me to... had two lots of anibiotics in last 3 weeks and still feel ill and sore... i wonder if we were to list every single thing that fibro does to our bodies, would then the non believers would give us a break xx


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