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Good days, do you get them with fibro

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Hi all, do we that have fibro have good days,what I mean by that is full days, iv yet to have one full good day free of pain, fibro fog, feeling sick, confused.

So what I'm asking do we get full days free from our fibro symptoms or is it only for parts of a day I'm in so much pain pills not helping much and feel I have to put on my best face for my family so they don't worry too much.

Thanks for listening to my moan for today. I have an appointment to see my gp on Friday hope he can sort out my medication I'm On Gabapentine I was offered amotriptoline but can't take it as I'm very sick with it,but maybe I should take it and loose some of the beef iv put on in the past few months lol. Hugs to everyone enjoy this lovely weather


12 Replies

Hello Granniescrochet,

Welcome to the FibroAction Community

Your question is like 'How long is a piece of string' I'm afraid. Fibro affects everybody is all different ways, degrees and medication is not a one fits all unfortunately either.

However Fibro can be controlled and there are many treatments plus other approaches that combined can mean you can reach a quality of life which is much,much improved. The only problem being it can take a while to find the best approach and some people can struggle especially if other conditions impact on Fibro making Fibro much harder to control.

When I first started volunteering for FibroAction over 2 years ago I used to say 'suffer' with Fibro and I was corrected by our Founder as lots & lots of people suffer with Fibro but not all as some live with the condition. So I also say people who live with Fibro now as;

Huge strides have been made in understanding of the condition in recent years and research continues to be carried out to push this understanding forward further and develop more and more effective treatments for the condition

In relation to my Fibro I have had ups and downs throughout the 8 years where its been fairly controlled and not with good days that are never as 'healthy' people have but are better quality that the bad days. For 2 years I controlled my condition very well and learned to live with it listening to my body and now I'm trying to get it under control again since having a viral condition.

You mention your medications, I think if you read this FAQ it will help as it gives evidence based information about recommended medications that may reduce your symptoms, here's the link;

Please do check out further information on our website too as in our Expert Patient range with have information about 'Listening to your Body'

Hope this helps :)

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

in reply to Mdaisy

Thanks Emma for the information. Take care.


Your Story is my Story I've was on Gabapentine about 10 years ago but it did nothing for my pain. Never tried amotriptoline.


Hi Granniescrochet

I am so sorry to read that you are constantly suffering with your pain levels, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you desire and deserve. I must admit that I have chronic pain everyday! Even if it is getting up in the morning and I am feeling rough, or as I start to get tired in the evening and need to take some extra pain medications. Then of course, if I overdo things during the day I suffer for it.

I also have other serious health conditions to go with my Fibro, so I am always on alert with these as well. So it is not a question of do I get Fibro symptoms and pain everyday, it is more a case of does my medication work when I need it? I think that is how I perceive it?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Morning Grannie chrochet,

Do we have good days OH YES! of course we get good days otherwise how would you be able to distinguish the bad days. Some days are better than others, some you are just below par others you find a steady decline and when going down the elevater appears at tiimes to be broken. Always we need to reach out and hold on to positivity and then we positively get better and with strength of mind over matter have brilliant days!

Does fibro go away, well the short answer is no but we can be the masters of are own destiny and have fibro.

So today will be a good day !!!!!! I have such sympathy for you you have found how treacherous and hard the path we walk is. I hope you manage to control your fibro drug regime I now take Pregabalin instead of gabapentin. I find it most useful for me for dulling the pain and break through I use oxynorm . The pain never goes away completely as a anethatest said to me you would need to be completely knocked out for that to happen.

I see Emma has given you some brilliant information so I shall leave it there.



Morning GC, (cant spell dotay). Dony see why you should not have pain free days.

Just wondering if you're suggesting Amitrip will let you move a bit more. It certainly wont help lose weight on its own.

Pain relief is often neurologically based because it works. There are others to try and it can take time to settle down with one that suits you at a dose that suits you.

It's ok to take a break from being strong from time to time.

Good luck :)


Hi, I'm very new to this and am facing early retirement from work - very scary for several reasons.

I have been lent a TENS machine, and find it helps sometimes. Maybe substituting one pain for another!!!!


Hi Granniescrochet,

So far for me I have had days where the pain is minimal and I feel almost normal :) those days are great and very much appreciated. I haven't had a day pain free.

Like you I do try pretend all is well all of the time and that takes nearly more energy than telling them I feel awful. To be honest my family know, I slow down, do less and reach for the pain killers :) They are the ones telling me to behave and stop and mostly I listen. I am still learning how to balance things and not overdo it on my good days, but it is so difficult. From all the posts I have read balance is the key, I just need to use it :)

I hope you get a lesser pain day if not pain free.

Sending you big hugs {{{{ }}}}


Well, I have good day's but they aren't free of pain....just able to get some stuff done around the house. Normally I over do it and pay for it in the days afterwards. If you meds aren't working you should maybe go to a pain clinic. my life and pain was unbearable and now it's at least not as bad. You have to know your limits. Hope this helps and you get some relief soon sweetheart!!!! xxxx Mitzi


hi hunny i know how you feel im constant in pain and sometimes i feel i cant go on well i do hope you av a good day im still waiting on that one



I keep asking people that question but don't get the answer i would like. Someone has already said it, but it is true...I don't have pain free days, but i do have days when i can grin and bear the pain and get on with my life. When i am having a bad time it is very easy to think i never have good days, so i started marking in my diary when i had had a good day...not necessarily pain free, but had gone to work and had a ok day. I realised quite quickly that luckily for me, i have more good days than bad.

I am also on Gabapentin which i am not convinced is doing the job but neither my Neurologist or GP want to give me anything else. I am also on Ametyptiline. I take them in the evening and use them as a sedative to get me through the night - they knock me out so at least i get a kinda sleep.

They aren't for everyone and if anything they cause weight gain, not lose but you gotta do what feels right for you x


Hi lizzy57

I just had first half day started off slow really slow couldn't get out of bed but rest of it ok

I take tramadol and naproxen not together my main one is duluxetine 60mg in morning 30mg night thinking of swapping it around as night time is absolutely hell for I'm in agony maybe should top up with tramadol at night I'm new to this fibro hit the wall couple of weeks ago and found this forum and it's fantastic don't know where I'd be without you guys x


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