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I have a meeting tomorrow with my psychiatrist. He called me in, I guess just to see how i am doing. However, I think I'd like some advice from you guys because I think if I talk to the psychiatrist with some of the concepts in my head I'm not sure he'll understand, which in my mind would be incredible because I know a bit about what a psychiatrist should know, from unit days, I did my study at Sussex University, which was considered a bit of a radical university at the time. I'm worried he'll hear me speak and start injecting me again with Risperdal Consta, and as you know I've explained on here it's EVIL stuff to me. Though I concede if you suffer from hallucinations or hear voices it may help you. The whole thing of my diagnosis was a farce. It started 6 years ago when I was actually arrested near the house I had a mortgage on when I stood up from a seat at a cafe and apparently the backside of my trousers were low. Some young dude at the cafe actually rang the police and made a big deal of it. The police arrived and cuffed me, took me off in a van and straight to a mental health unit. I was "assessed" and was "forced" to with a Risperdal injection. Another ridiculous fact used against me was that from nowhere mental health persons at the hearing also reported that I had been seen walking around the very small town with no shoes on. Yes I did this on a couple of occasions but it was during the summer and my house was literally no more than 15 seconds from the beach. So a totally normal fact was constructed to mean simething else and when at the hearing I said were any of you accusing me of this "crime" actually witness to it? No, they weren't. Thinking about it , it was like a trial/court the Nazis would have carried out. None of the public at the cafe were called as witnesses nor even the person who made the phone call to the police. How bloody well about that!!!! I apologize for the language but you can imagine how ridiculous that is. At my mental health tribunal hearings I had a lawyer who wouldn't do as I instructed and i basically got stitched up by the whole lot Subsequently six years of pain etc followed. I mean I found it difficult to think for this time which is what you would expect if you think about, what is likely to happen to a body that is not hallucinating or hearing voices and you give them a drug designed to prevent somebody from hallucinating etc!!?? Exactly, no PROJECTION. I feel like going to the meeting tomorrow and projecting into all the bodies/thoughts that constructed this reality "were lawyers, psychiatrist and mental health workers" spell cut.

I'm not too bothered if nobody reads this or replies. It has been cathartic and I'm still waking up and remembering what actually happened. Wish I could sue!

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  • Hi minesawhiskey

    I can genuinely imagine that this ordeal has overshadowed you somewhat to any notion of Psychiatrists or mental health workers, and I am not in the least bit surprised. Personally I would not dwell on what might be as this can take you anywhere? I would think about what you want to say to them? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I have seen similar scenario unfold with a situation with child custody where slight anomolies added up to a child being taken from the mother she had been with for nearly 10 years without any contact of any kind with social services and given to a "father" who had never had the child over night, never on a weekend day or holiday, never attended a school meeting,play, sportsday or any other event, never a christmas, birthday, bonfire, easter or bank holiday, never a penny in maintenance in fact nothing at all until the child was school age and then nothing but after school once every 2 weeks from 4pm to 6pm. Despite no neglect the mother following a triple pelvic operation turned up late twice to pick her daughter up after school and appeared "slightly drunk" which was actually the result of the affects of prescriped analgesics namely morphine and was caused because both school and social services refused to provide any assistance to get the child to or from school. Also when despite a care package was started for the parent, the child was late for school twice because those carers didnt turn up in time to help get the parent ready to get the child to school so because she couldnt dress herself she took her daughter on her mobility scooter in her dressing gown. Then when told by social services that they would "take the child off her" she walked out of a meeting and was therfore "failing to co operate with social services" or when she told social services "over my dead body" and was reported as being suicidal. Tes having seen all that occur i can well imagine things being twisted against you and how guarded and reluctant you must be about this meeting. I hope things go in your favour this time. Bless you.

  • Hi,

    If for any reason they tried to re-give me any kind of anti-psychotic drug I would have to get a lawyer to defend me, though the last time I had a lawyer involved they did a pretty poor job of supporting me. Some kind of mood enhancer would be a possibility although I am more inclined to try things like St Johns Wort. If I start talking Social Anthropology with the psychiatrist I should in theory be able to have a great conversation. I actually emailed one of my social anthropology teachers this morning. I don't know why I havent thought about doing it before but like I've said since coming off Risperdal Consta I've been thinking and feeling more positive and I would say the pain has disappeared quite a bit. However compared to how I should feel it is pretty rubbish really.

    My questions to my social anthropologist professors are

    Bone projections of a family member who cannot enter the family business but does not successfully go through a new projection space and complete the ritual to have a new brain created.

    The use and effects of Risperdal Consta in schizophrenia.

    Actually doing a lawyers red spell.

    The person in particular I want to speak to has a Phd in social anthropology from Cambridge. From what I know about what they know I put them at the top of the tree. Above lawyers, psychiatrists and even doctors to some extent. She is a medical anthropologist as well. She will know Exactly what I am talking about.

  • I am so sorry you have had this terrible experience with mental health services, don't worry about having medication forced on you the only way anyone is legally allowed to give you any type of medication without your consent is if you were on a section otherwise it's illegal.

    I would advise you to write your thoughts and feelings down for the psychiatrist to read so that you don't become anxious when telling him and if possible take someone with you.

    Don't forget you have a right to be in charge of your own treatment if you are not on a section.

    If you have a community mental health nurse or social worker they should be coming with you to your appointment.

    Good luck please let us know how it goes

  • Hello minesawhiskey- I don't know if we,ve message before- I am sorry but this area of medicine was somewhere I didn,t venture, however I agree with our Ken-maybe make yourself a word document of what you want to say or get off your chest at your appointment, I assume you are a fibro sufferer too? I would hope your specialist would want to help you not scare you and maybe should encourage moving forward with life than going back to darker times which were obviously your worst.. |Good luck with this appt. let us know how it goes.

  • What a horrendous ordeal and the subsequent effect it has had on your life must make you especially wary of anyone connected to mental health.

    Please go to your appointment but listen to what the psychiatrist has to say, think about what you want to tell him as you are in control. Don't let them mislead you or put words into your mouth.

    Surely unless they find you a danger to yourself or society you have the right to refuse any treatment they may offer if you don't think it's in your best interests.

    I have had experience of psychiatrists and know only too well how things are misconstrued and twisted to suit their needs.

    Take care and I hope you successfully get through the day xx

  • Sorry for what you have gone through, but please know that the government is doing this everywhere and having the doctors use drugs on normal people they are experimenting on people with drugs to see what ones control the people. Stay in the present don't say much at your appointment just answer their questions but be wise when you do. You will need your mind to think and function everyday that is why we have a brain. I am praying for you to have wisdom and knowledge.

  • Hi minesawhiskey I have read your post with great interest and its absolutely shocking how you have been treated, although I'm not overly surprised because your story is very similar to other ones I have heard over the yrs. I'm so sorry that you have experienced all that stress and torment for so long and its still going on, you must be absolutely exausperated with it all my friend.

    Risperadone is very strong medication and would certainly make you feel like you are a zombie but as someone has already mentioned, this can only be forced apon you under a section.

    I see you already have lots of brilliant advise so I won't ramble on anymore but I wish you all the best and I hope your meeting went well for you and your mind can have some respite from it all.

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan x

  • I'd suggest you take someone with you if you can.

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