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I popped into town today with my daughter parked the car in disabled bay i had never used before andlooked over to the left and there was a new shop that opened yesterday it was my sort of shop too

It sells all smoothies /thickshakes and milkshakes but they are out of this worls

how do i know / well i had to go in and buy one didnt i !

i had a boost bar with ice cream and milk and they whisk it all up in a grinder and you have it in cup with straw she does them with any chocolate bar you can think of and fruit once with skittles etc

they are amazing too amazing

i dont think i should go near that shop very much withthat and the cakes i will be as big as a house soon i know i can do with putting a stone and half on but not in a week lol

Love to you all diddle xxxxx

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sounds good, nice for a treat, xx :0)


trouble is i will be in there all the time working my way throught he menu and my bank accounta small one is £2.45 which is what i had love to you diddle x


yummy i get fat in the summer i cant resist the cornish ice cream, in chocolate and choc chips in..........cant


Mmmmm, sounds like my kind of shop toooooo! Yep, I would have to avoid it like the plague too as the pounds I put on just through everyday eating [including the in the dumps treats] have made me lose one wheelchair! I DO NOT WANT THE NEXT SIZE - IT WOULDN'T FIT THROUGH THE DOOR!

However, your blog certainly made me smile from ear to ear and I think that is worth a lot! Thanks for sharing.

Sweet dreams and soft hugs


Yum yum, sounds like my kind of shop too.

Belive it or not I actually went shopping today and came home WITHOUT any cakes or chocolate!!. Whats happening to me lol. What was the name of the shop? Will see if there is one near to me so I can try them out xx


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