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Skiing and fibromyalgia

A random question, but my husband would love to go skiing this year, we're looking at seeing a friend in Canada and having this as our main holiday. (I can't think of much worse! I don't like the cold and can just imagine being in pain and getting hurt skiing!) But it's important we can do other things and do things he wants to do.

I used to be so good with pain, I was fearless and even had a Dr speak down to me saying I'd be crying my eyes out if I had dislocated my wrist... he had to eat humble pie once I was examined!

But now I am so so sensitive to pain and I don't want to be and try not to be but I am frightened of being hurt. I don't like large crowds, I burst out crying yesterday because my rather tipsy husband started tilting my chair and being silly but I was so so upset I was so frightened that he might drop me and I'd be in even more pain. Poor thing he meant no harm was just playing!

So, has anyone out there in chronic pain, particularly fibro with high pain senstivity, gone skiing in the cold cold snow?! I said I could prop up the bar or spend the day in a spa but I know that won't be the same for him. So any advice on ignoring the pain-fear cycle and going skiing would be appreciated! Is it something I just shouldn't do or do I do it sensibly and try and not to focus on the fear?

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There are other things to do on such a holiday, snow mobiles, toboggans etc, I'm sure you will have a great time. So I say dress up really warmly, all the padding helps, go for it and have fun. xxx

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You do not have to go on the piste :-) cold affects many as a stressor stay warm :-)

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You know what you feel you can attempt in a reasonable way. W e don't know you well enough to help with this decision in any major way. Many people are able to do different levels of activities within their own experience of FMS and these ability levels may or may not fluctuate. As Lou had mentioned, there are also other snow activities you may find as fun, as well. Have fun!


Hi charlie9

I have to admit that I always try and avoid the cold and snow as my pain levels become unbearable. I also have arthritis so it makes it worse. I can understand that you want to do things that he wants to do, but this does work both ways? Maybe you could suggest something that you both could do? I want to wish you all the best of luck regardless of what you decide.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Yes I am very sensitive to the cold I would be padded up in layers and thermals! We always go somewhere warm but I don't want to stop him enjoying new experiences I know he could go alone. He's very good with me but no one understands that fear of pain when they haven't got a condition like ours. X


Just to update, we are now going on a sunny holiday :-) so no cold and falling over in the snow for me thank goodness! xx


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