do you know why my name is gypsy?

well its because i do a lot of travelling and today was the day for that 2 1/2 hour journey once more! well i looked round the van and found i had a flat tyre on the back (there are 4 on the back and 2 on the front.) i went 5 miles to the nearest garage all laden and ready to go away. a very nice couple of men at the garage tried to pump it up but would not play, so it meant i had to call out recovery. after an hour he arrived and broke his socket trying to undo the bolts and said i had to wait for the service van with a compressor torque. well i got out my deckchair and had a sandwich / drink while my dog sunbathed beside me (yes - garage forecourt!) 3 hours later i was finally on my way. set off at 9.30 and arrived at my destination at 3.30! what a day! however my temper in tact and no stress and very little pain (fingers crossed).

now i am going to watch the racing with my feet up! hope you all have a good evening. xxxx :) :)

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  • I am glad you made it to there, you were good, staying so calm, i would have been going bonkers!!!! but it wouldnt have helped , so i hope you really enjoy

    yourself, hugs, xx

  • i am here to have acupuncture and look for a bungalow, dont know if you would call that fun, but great things are happening just now so i am upbeat too. think i did not get upset because of the new antidepressants, they seem to be working better than the others. i used to flip my lid at one time, but like you say it does not help. and maybe thats why my pain level stayed down. xxxx

  • aw what a lovelt day all things considered i bet you looked funny sitting on grage forecourt lol how lovely though glad you enjoyed it have a nice evning love to you diddle x

  • WEll you sound as if you have had quite a day Gypsy so are you home now?

    Get your feet up and relax!!!

  • i dont give a damn!! if you have to wait for other people to help you why not sit in the sun and enjoy watching people fill their cars up and having pleasant conversations. bet they all thought i was nuts and they probably would not be far wrong! xxx

  • Sounds like you have had a lovely day, NOT, Gypsycrafter. Good job you had your deckchair and sandwiches and lucky the sun was shining. We have had a horrible day again here in Wales, rain, rain and more rain. A bit of sunshine in between but not enough to get out the sun lounger unfortunately.

    Hope you enjoyed the racing. Love Angela xx

  • when i have decided to go somewhere, i like to get on with it, but the sun was shining and i had nothing else to do so....... all i needed was a big hat and some knitting! must have looked a funny sight! shame you did not get to enjoy the sun today. looks like lots more rain next week too. but if it means we get better food as a result, i dont mind too much. i did enjoy the racing thank you. xxxx

  • Thanks Jules. have been feeling a bit better recently and it has been noticed in other quarters too! things are starting to fall into place for me generally and it is spring. i am a flower - when the spring comes my mood changes dramatically. SAD i think must replace my lamp i think. have a good night. xxxx :)

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