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Esa Medical Assessment for my Husband


My husband has his ESA Medical Tuesday. The previous week was the original appointment, where we waited hour and half and then told that the Assessor was still typing report for previous person and they close at 4.45pm, so told to go home and a appt made for this Tuesday. This Tuesday our appt was the first at 1.15pm. We were seen at nearly 3pm. People there were still waiting when we came out, who also had early appto. The whole process was degrading ans soulless. He was assessed by a Physiotherapist and just before we went in we were told that although we had requested a recording of the appointment, it would take another 20mins to set this up, but we could go in now if we did nothe want to wait. We went in, we had had enough and my husband was not well. Half way through, the Assessor said he needed to go out for 10 minster to make a phone call. (What was that about)?. My husband had to have a lung function test, but no examination. Repeated questions, like a dog on a bone. Hubby is on pension credit, but was told that made no difference, even though he gets his government pension next summer. A complete exhausting and humiliating experience.

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This all sounds very familiar, you MUST complain to DWP they will carry on getting away with this if we dont speak up- they are paid a fortune by the DWP to assess and organise appts.


That he went out to make a phone call can be a good thing. My assessor left to make a call to a doctor too half way my assessment. He told me they were required to do so, if they wanted to place someone straight into the support group.

Hope you get a positive result soon

Thus could actually be a good things they were probably ringing for advice. The waiting around is terrible and I can imagine both your stress levels were on high alert after already being sent home once. I don't think k they are being given enough time to properly assess people's write the report and then get through reading notes bride the best person comes in.

I know when I had my PIP assessment the receptionist came in and told her she was running late when she was just being thorough and giving me a bit of time as I had nearly fainted! I believe they are expected to get through about 8 assessments a day which is far too many and if they keep in falling behind I believe they have their contract terminated no wonder they skip through some. Hope he gets a good result please let us know.x

That was shameful and degrading you should complain to dwp how your hubby was treated good luck

Thank you for all your replies.

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