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ESA Tribunial HELP

hi all,

had my esa medical a few weeks ago which i blogged about as the so called health professional said that counselling was the best cure for fibro lol oh it still both gives me a chuckle and annoys me at the same time.

so yesterday i get a phonecall they have said i have been awarded 0 points and that for the second time i have to go to a tribunial to prove im not just making it all up so as i am sure you can all guess im irate. The fact the lady didnt know the first thing about fms. si i was hopin someone would know where i can go to get help with my tribunial? i used citzens advice buerua last time and they were not very helpful at all so any help would be so great!!!!

gentle hugs to all


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disability rights norfolk?


Have you tried dial? Ive heard they are really good. Ive just got my first lot of dla forms through so im bracing myself for the fight.

Love and hugs

Chilli xxx


oh crap why cant they believe us!hope you find help,im still waiting my results hugs x


appeal and state you want someone that has a knowledge of fibro to deal with your case,( its your right that they dont tell you that you can demand this), CAB or local welfare rights to help you, also ask for the medical report they did and use that against them as most of the questions/answers you can guarantee they never asked you, first phone them saying you appealing and getting advice from the aboves, and good luck x


Due to depression I'm with my local MIND and if I need they will go with me as I've not heard anything from DWP after my medical a few weeks ago, aparently she has won every case so far, I've also used the local Wiltshire Law Centre, we also have other charity groups for people with children and depending on your age try Age Concern ... in my opinion, try everyone you can, dont give up x I expect I'll have a fight on my hands too and I will be shouting disability discrimination, as in most cases ignorance leads to discrimination, if these people have no medical qualifications they shoud not be doing that job. Also try contacting and see if there's any local FM group in your area. Lastly there was a good blog in the last couple of days here about a newpaper article I found interesting.

Best of luck xx


have you requested that the person who is doing the assesment needs to have a knowledge a specialist in fibro the goverment have said that it stops us being discriminated against


community law are really i have them sorting out my appeal in September. make sure you send all hospital reports and if you belong to a support group ask your leader to do a letter for you also any GP records send in as well. good luck.

gentle hugs Lyn xx


what about printting off the pages on fibro on NHS direct that is at least further proof besides the diagnosis from the rhumatologist


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