need help please:((

im having a bad week so please excuse me rambling ... i really want to know where to get help i have a massive information overload problem cant get my head around the benefits sysytem have been turned down twice for what was dla and now am beggining to panic as i have spent all my savings on living im on borrowed time in my rented accomadation ( feb) cant afford another year adn when i took this up with the mp for crawley he said hed contacted the council on my behalf and was answered by them in saying i coulld put my name down but due to the need of housing had not much cjance of being housed??? where in gods nmae can i speak to someone for help please? im sitting here crying my eyes out sorry :( the other rpoblem is finding somewhere that will allow me to rent with my lovely dogs who make up the size of a cat i explained this to said above who sympathized but that doesnt really help ....and no im not giving them up grrh! my family thats my son and daughter have partners who are very sympathetic and have seen and heard how ill i get but thats about where its stops! untill they need something of course! i just want to know does anyone know who i can talk to on the phone whol understand that i cannot take info in i dont know where to turn and help??? not just with housing but with money help! im suffering not only with fibro but alot of other things so working is imposssible :(((( im so stressed at the moment and feel so so alone please help??

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  • Have you claimed ESA? If not ring the Jobcentre, you will also need to see your GP to get signed off work. Once you get ESA you can claim housing benefit.

  • i got my esa taken from me two years ago when i evidently didnt qualify and then was on work related or something benefit to pay into gov pension i had to have an atos doc round and they took that away too :( ive just been living off my own savings but now have hardly anything left

  • I see, you need to start the process again. See your GP to sign you off, claim ESA and HB again and keep doing that.

    If I gave up every time they stopped my ESA, I wouldn't have a pot to wee in, every time they say no, you appeal and if that fails, you appeal to a higher tribunal and if that fails, make a new claim again.


  • thankyou xx someone said there are organisations that can help you do you know of any?

  • The CAB should be able to advise you with this, even if they do not actually help you with your claim, they should at least tell you what you need to do to get ESA and HB up and running.

  • If I were you, I would do as esagestapo says and get hold of your CAB asap. I think you need to re-apply for ESA and most definitely for housing benefit. I am so sorry that you have used all your savings and reached this situation, hopefully the CAB will point you in the right direction. I know it's difficult to find rented accommodation that accept pets, but there are people who will, so take heart and start putting feelers out. Down here in Devon we get weekly free papers which are very good with the advertising of rented accommodation.

    Good luck, Foggy x

  • thankyou xxx

  • Hi

    It is possible to email the CAB and they will call you back, otherwise you could be ringing forever! They will do a benefits check with you. They are very helpful and I'm sure if you explained your issues that they would be patient with you. Personally I've found them very helpful. Have you had a formal diagnosis yet?

  • thankyou for your advice x

  • You're welcome. Everyone on here is so lovely and helpful. I too used all my savings before claiming benefits. I was told by a lady at the Council that I hadn't done myself any favours! It seems the more honest you are the worse you get treated. I do hope you can find yourself some help. I've only recently joined this site, so my knowledge is limited, but there are lots of wonderful people on here who will and can help. This site has been a saving grace for me. All of us on here have been through, sometimes tragic journeys, so we can all empathise with you in one way or another. Fibro really is a nightmare to live with. If you ever just want a chat or moan ~ I'm here. Good luck with everything my new fibro friend

  • thankyou again im not usually in this kind of state mentally i mean but today just have the usual severe pain and exhaustion and my head was so foggy but making me totally panic i will tommorow call my doc again and also send email to cab really appreciate your help xx

  • Brain fog together with severe pain would make anyone feel poorly. We all suffer from it. I'm sure you find that some days are much worse than others. Try to be kind to yourself ~ easy for me to say I know. I used to be an Office Manager and some days I now find it hard just looking at a calendar (last night). I had to give up in the end. I left you CAB details on a different post. I'm not sure if you got them. I would say your first and most important thing would be to see your GP and go from there. Small steps my friend xx

  • Hi Fairytails,

    The first thing I would suggest as others have done is make an appointment to see your GP. Take it from there. I understand you completely when I was first going through this making the transition from a working person to not working and going on benefits, I was overwhelned with all of the information. Thankfully in my area there was someone I could see who could help me with it all. Do you have someone in your area aswell as the CAB who helps with employment and benefit advice? There is a lot to take in and I start to panic the more information you throw at me. Once you've seen the CAB or the employment and advice people they should be able to help you. Mine helped fill out all of my forms for me (normal and appeal) and also came to my tribunals with me. That was so important. It is hard to deal with, just having the illness alone, but I to this day am still finding out things that go hand in hand with it. Try not to get to panicked. At the end of the day we are all here to suppoort each other. Even now that my benefits have all been sorted out, I shudder and go into a panic attack as soon as I see a brown envelope. I have to make my husband open them. I would ask your gp if they know of any service that could help you out also. Either at home, during the day, night, benefit advice ect. Some doctors surgeries are having days where the CAB come into the surgery (like a drop in centre). Take care fairytails. If you want to talk more then feel free to message me. I have to limit my time on the computer, but I try and log on once a day if I can or I'll get my hubbie to lols. I would also suggest telling your family exactly how you feel. They might not understand exactly how you feel or what's been happening. They may know of ways to help or people to see that they know of. Let us know how you get on hun. Gentle fibro hugs to you. Love and best wishes, Kim xxxx

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