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Dla tribunial omg

Iv just had my DLA tribunial an iv never felt so belittled in all my life, the doctor on panel talked to me as thou I was a child even thou I'm a 45 yr old woman, I haven't stopped crying since, I have a 12 yr old with severe learning difficulties an they made me feel like I shouldn't be caring for her all I kept saying is that I'm a good mom, I don't care what the decision will be I won't put myself throu that again.

Thanx for listening x

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Oh I am so sorry it sounds really horrid get yourself a hot coup and air Italian thoroughly sorted I. Your head remember the

E guys you see have no pain like you gentle hug to you. Xgins


You poor lamb its so demeaning, the process, I agree, they make us feel like criminals too and am sorry you endured that awful situation.

You can approach the CAB for advice and assistance if you have to appeal, please do as you're entitled to the help you require for your child and yourself/family. I think the mean demeanour makes them think they have the upper hand which is why its important to have someone with you. They have no right to belittle anyone, so complain things cannot change without complaints in writing.

Don't forget the benefits section on the website, accessed through hitting the butterfly in the top right of the screen :)

Grab a fluffie cuddle recliner and a cuppa and try to unwind because you'll need your energy to fight for what you're entitled to hunny :) Don't give up try to keep strong, contact the CAB explaining your situation :)

Hope the recliner is comfy and sending you some fluffie cushions too

:) xxxsianxxx :)


So sorry to hear this, I have been through this twice and it is soul destroying, they make you feel like a no body.

I now have to appeal and was so down for a few days but somewhere I am going to get the strength to fight for what I am entitled too. I call the CAB and they were very helpful and told me to make an appt to see them about my appeal and they will help me any way they can.

Hugs to you..


Gentle ,gentle hugs. I hate it when people talk to us like that. It is very wrong. You are a brilliant mum and I hope they give you the DLA, you deserve it.




Thank you for your relies, I just feel numb, I know I didn't answer question the way they would of liked but I was truthful, they were just bullies that's all I can say, cup tea an my hairy Bella bear ( my dog ) by my side an my daughter on settee I think x thanx again an hope u all a pain free night x

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Bless you I expect your in a little shock after your trial@atos.com. But to be honest they'll try any sneaky demeaning thing they can to keep hold of that money (and call their selves humane well afraid not in the book im aware of) and to be honest sometime I understand but more often than not I don't. Id say your discriminated on and that is illegal. Please don't be to down and if cab cant help try looking up mybenefitclaim.com. If your awarded they do take a portion of the back pay but they use solicitors and probably wouldn't take your claim on unless it has a good chance. They know the whole process of how and when that sort of stuff. Please don't get me wrong I use cab because sue my case worker has been with me since the beginning and id feel disloyal and cant just drop it when she continually supports me and bats for my corner of human rights. Well you just remember your a good mom lots and lots of gentle fluffy things and chin up xx


So sorry to hear of such distress caused by those horrid peeps. I to suffered at their hands and thought I was having a mental breakdown. But thanks to one of the wonderful people on this site she helped me to fight back and I contacted mybenefitclaim.com and they were so supportive they did all the forms and took the strain and I won. So perhaps when u recover from the shock you've been through look them up and they will do it for you. Good luck I have many other serious illnesses but everyone who has Fibro deserves help especially you as you have extra pressure looking after your poorly child. Don't give up fight so others may have the courage to do the same. U go girl xx


You sound like a wonderful mother.

Please, please don't give up. Perhaps give yourself a few days to recover and then make some enquiries about Appealing. I read somewhere that if you don't appeal they assume that you are "happy" with the decision they've given you.

My ESA Tribunal is in two weeks. I've waited a nerve wracking year for the date.

I think I'll just be a pile of shaking jelly by the time I travel the long distance and get there.

Gentle hugs

Keep your chin up

BM xxx



I am so sorry to hear of your painful experience. It must have been so demoralising and humiliating for you! Please try to be positive as you are entitled to the benefit so you should rightfully have it.

Please take care and all my best to your daughter

Ken x


Im sending big hugs and love to you and your daughter , please try to stay positive as author above stated you are entitled to it , tc angie xxxx


Thank you to my latest relies x

Trying to explain to people how this horrible condition affects you on a daily basis is so hard when they bombard you with question after question an wanting answers in fewest words possible, I can't talk that way I need time as I forget what I want to say, they made me feel like a scrounger saying things like "when you wake in pain during the night what is it that anyone can do for you" there's nothing anyone can do its my pain, I just can't think what possible answer I could of given her ? By the end of the meeting I felt like I was a worthless piece of **** an that I shouldn't be a mother to my beautiful daughter who makes me want to keep living xx

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What a disgraceful way to treat anyone! They obviously know nothing about pain and have never suffered the way we do. I always think I'd like them to be in my body for 24 hours! They'd never complete the whole day!! Why don't they have someone who suffers with fibro on the panel?? XX


I know sue, it's still playing on my mind after a few days, not about wether I win I don't care, but how it's made me feel about myself and being a mother of a child with learning difficulties, myself and my daughter we have a fantastic relationship she's my rock and I am hers. Thanx Louise xx

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