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I was put into the wrag group of esa after my medical, i get a leaflet to say if you want to appeal reply within 28days, i have been on the phone to get a copy of this report as "they couldnt get their computer runnung properly" so they said they would send a copy to me BUT it might take 14 days WHY?

I had a meeting with the jobcentre and told them i am going to appeal but i am waiting for my report,

Lovely lady said dont wait for the report send the form off now as there is a deadline and the form must be in their office within those 28 days.

My doctor is writing me a letter, but without the report im not sure what bit i am fighting about i think i will just list all my symptoms explain what i can and cannot do send all my paperwork in, the lady at the jobcentre said it sounds like i didnt tell him how much pain i am in.

This is a vicious circle i am not good at talking about myself and if people ask how you are i still say fine.

So im starting to fill in the appeal form and waiting for a call from the drs to pick up letter, I hate the government at the moment.

Its this sort of stress when you have depression and chronic pain that may land you in hospital and then it will cost them more money.

Sorry for ranting on but i feel a bit better for it knowing that everyone on here understands


Lin x

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I did not pass atos the stress, got into wag after appeal no more for now will fight again next time, the stress has lifted like a big cloud and I will get an extra bit to live on

Soft hugs xxx



thanks all yes will defo send it registered post, just want to send the drs letter cos he was so angry when i saw him,

The thing is it is your gp that sees you and knows how things have changed throughout time not one visit to an atos medical.

Thanks again and will tell u how i get on

hugs to all

Lin x


Hi, I also got put in WRAG and asked them to reconsider and they did putting me into support group within the week so it is possible. As the others say, definitely put in your appeal form and tell them that the reasons for the appeal will be forwarded after you have received a copy of your medical report. It would seem that as you have been put in WRAG you have already achieved the 15 points needed to be awarded ESA, so as well as asking for a copy of medical you need to ask for statement of reasons why placed in Work Related Activity Group. There are 16 support group factors and are not points based. If you meet the criteria for anyone of them you should be put in the support group.Look at the findings of the medical for all 16 support group factors and if you disagree with any of them explain what they should have found and why. For example

The main areas where I think the assessment was wrong are:-

Assessment stated cannot mobilise more than 100 metres on level ground without stopping in order to avoid significant discomfort or exhaustion when it should have found I can't repeatedly mobilise 50 metres within a reasonable timescale because of significant discomfort or exhaustion

Reason is: - If I am having a good day then I may be able to move around my house for a short while but then the chronic fatigue means I have no option but to collapse in a heap exhausted and it is physically impossible for me to do anything other than sleep.On good days I may be able to potter around but there is no way I could go further than 50 metres due to pain and chronic exhaustion and if I had managed to go that far I would be so exhausted all I would be able to do is sleep for the rest of the day.

I really hope this might help,

Good Luck x


And as previously mentioned send everything by recorded or registered post and copy all documents as they will lose them x


oh dexter thanks for all that yes i am sending the form of as soon as i have filled it in checked and double checked it, My doctor rand me an hour ago and he is dictating his letter for me today but cos of a backlog i will pick it up on monday

He is such a lovely doctor and really helpful so i will have plenty of time to check all my paperwork and letters so i will be ready for action on monday.

Thanks again for everyones help

hugs to all

Lin x


lm in the same boat do you know if you have to pay for the doctors letter? lv been to the jobcentre where l saw a soulless person who had no idea bout what lm going thru best of luck


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