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Esa assessment


Hi guys well as some of you know i went for my e.s.a assessment this not really sure if it went well or not i saw a gentleman who was very nice he asked me several questions but not how far can I manage to walk or stand for asked me about what i can manage to do during the day whether I have accidents if I don't make it to the loo on time and asked about my mental health he did ask me if I could manage some gentle exercises but I didn't have to do them which I said I couldn't do because of the pain and that was it so im really not sure whether he believed what I was saying was true the person who came with me thinks I will pass as I did say I try to do things but I cannot finish what I'm doing anyway I get home and I have been sent a letter from the specialist stating what's wrong with me and he has diagnosed me with fibromyalgia!! A bit too late now but im going to keep the letter and just wait now x

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Fingers crossed hun, please let us know how it goes 💜💙

I will do thank you DanielleGemma I really hope I have passed after asking me a few questions and putting information on the computer he stopped and asked me about every day activities not sure if that's good or not ☹ xxx

I don't think you ever really know how it goes hun unfortunately 💜💙

Hi angie,don't expect too much at this stage but persevere as at the tribunal you get to explain things better how your illness effects you on a daily basis,so it's a long game ...Ive be been waiting since last April for an esa assessment but did get pip at a tribunal..alan

thank you Alan I really hope I don't have to appeal its such a long winded process and so exhausting im shattered from today even though the assessor was nice you can never tell can you im expecting to not pass xx

I hope you get the result that you deserve Hun. Please let us know how you get on xx

angiecxx in reply to Miss68

thank you i will definitely let you know what they say when I find out im not holding my breath though ☹ xx

Fingers crossed for you.

angiecxx in reply to Shazzzy

thank you hun its so nice to have so much support from you guys ❤ ❤ xx

Hi there first good luck with your assessment and sadly it appears that Luck can at times play a part for eg who you see but, having said that keep every letter you receive from your Docter, Consultant you see but, Always send Copies not originals They can help prove your claim, I have all or most of all my letters going back to early 2010, letters from my Consultant Docter and specialists I have been seen by it can rearly help prove your claim, but even then it is or can be a difficult process to go through Good Luck.

angiecxx in reply to Janicej

hi Janicej thank you for your reply I do appreciate it I saw a,physiotherapist yesterday I didn't see it as a good thing but some people have said it is i just have this feeling I won't pass the person who came with me thinks I will i was a bit concerned that the assessor stopped typing things that i was telling him after asking about my problems with my bowels and bladder and my mental health issues he did ask who cooks dinner and i did say I try to do it but I can't stand for long due to the pain and he asked who does my shopping pick the kids up from school etc he asked me what I do during the day as there are many hours in the day so i said he read sleep because I'm exhausted but mainly due to the pain I have to lay down he said is today a bad day so im not sure if he could tell that I wasn't well them he asked if i would be able to do some exercises which I said I couldn't because I was in too much pain and that was it I just have to hope I pass xx

Fingers crossed for you, it doesn’t seem to matter what diagnosis you have, it ‘s all about how it affects your daily life x

angiecxx in reply to TeddyC

thank you for the reply I did tell the assessor how it affects me every day and that I need help daily its just waiting now x

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