Hi all just rang esa to ask about my claim I was appealing to get in to the support group and hopefully get some money as not had any since December. they said a decision has been made its been sent to the esa I don't have to have another medical they will wright to me in about 3 weeks time so still none the wisher its causing me so much stress and having panic attacks which makes the pain worse why can they not tell us the out come on the phone very stressfull fibro10

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  • Hi fibro10

    I just want to wish you all the best of luck my friend!

    Take care


  • Thank you for your message hope your haven one of the good day

  • Hi Fibro 10 i think the main reason behind this is security. If someone phones they cannot be 100 positive they are who they say thry are. This is why they will not pass on important and/or financial decisions. Saying that, they are still incredibly slow working out what people are entitled to. Good luck,

  • Hi Shazzzy Thank you for your message I was just having a bad day we should not after fight and made out to all be scroungers i have allways worked until my health took hold and stopped me.

  • Morning Fibro10 it sounds like you are nearly there and he answer is winging its way to you. So try to stay calm you can do nothing till it arrives.

    Keeping everything crossed for you xxgins

  • Hi. Sorry to hear you have had to wait so long for a result. The waiting and worrying causes you extra problems. Can you tell me what the support group is please? I had my medical assessment a few weeks ago and apparently scored nil points. The word fibromyalgia was not even mentioned once and basically if you try to be as independent as you possibly can does you no favours. I have put in a request for it to be read again.

    Hope you don't need to wait much longer. Good luck and take care.

  • hi ef59 thanks for your reply can I get back to you later

  • Of course. No problem.

  • hi there, you say you have asked for reconsideration of your claim. have you sent any further information to them i.e letter from your gp. hospital report etc, as they can use these while recosideration. i have just gone through this with my husband he was placed WRAG group but i though he should be in support group went for reconsideration and waited 7 weeks and heard nothing then out of the blue the phone went and it was the DM and she asked me many questions regarding my husband and asked if he had any appointments regarding his illness i gave them information so they could contact doctors involved. she then rang back 10 mins later and told me as a result of what i had told her and his doctors told her she was now going to move him over to support group. dont give up request all information theyhave used to reach their desision you can put a SAR request in.

    if you need any further information just send me a PM and i will do what i can.

    kind regards


  • Thank you so much. They said I had to wait fourteen days to give someone a chance to have a look at my report which I had to double check the name as it certainly was not relevant to me. If it is ok with yourself I will let you know the outcome. Take care.

  • hi there, you can contact me any time and i will try my best to help you. if i could send you a PM i would but i dont know how to on this site. i would be able to give you a web address of a site i am a member of which deals with benefits and they have a wealth of knowledge. will keep fingers crossed for you. there is one thing i would ask you to do is put in a SAR request so you know what has been said and reported back to the benefit agency. this information is vital.

    have you requested a copy of the medical report that was compiled during you assessment. all you have to do is ring the JCP that is dealing with your claimm if not get on the phone and ask for this. dont let them tell you that they do not have it or that you aren not allowed a copy, you are. you can request this the same day of medical or 1 day later as this is sent electronically. if you find out how i can send a PM let me know and then i can put you in touch with a wealth of knowledge.

    kind regards


  • Hi ef59 there are two groups of esa work activity and support group my medical scored 0 I went for a tribunal won got over 15 points but was put in the working activety group I appealed to the courts to reconsider still waiting esa said they are sending a letter in next few weeks so keep fighting will let you know my outcome Take care

  • Hi fibro 10. I have not worked since a year past in April and at present attending occupational health for counselling for early retirement as recommended by doctor and employer. After my assessment telling me that I was not entitled to any help they told me I should apply for job seekers allowance for any assistance. I cannot get them to understand that although I am not working or earning at present I am still officially a member of staff for two years. I think I will have reached official retirement age before I get the chance to see an early retirement form. Beginning to feel like a hamster on a wheel. Ok rant over. Thanks for your advice I am going to try and give them a call tomorrow. Take care.

  • They do not seem to realise that waiting 2 weeks or so without any payments is not the easiest of things. When they make these statements. I was 5 months without anything and then they put in a closed account even though they had my new details!

  • Hello Fibro10,

    Please do email me for some information guides which may help

    I look forward to your email

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

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