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Have just been on another fybro forum and a lady posted that she was in terrible pain,worst pain she had ever experienced and was looking for advice,she ended the post saying she doesn't want to take medication because she isn't a fan of it ! I replied that the pain couldn't be that bad if she wasn't prepared to take any pain relief and immediately got several replies saying I was rude and I can't judge anyone else's pain (although she had already discribed it !), My question is this, having suffered severe pain myself,as am sure a lot of us have,was I in the wrong to post what I did ? I just can't grasp why anyone would say they are suffering so badly yet not want to do anything about it !!!! Sorry about long post,it just got me a tad irritated xx

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Hi can you lock your post will help replies .you do have to be carefull sometimes people can read it the wrong way and some people do not like pain killers .and may try different options .I sometimes miss meds to see if any better and pain horrendous .sometimes people suffer from depression etc treading carefully best I think .hope your ok the now take care

Totally agree with you. ridiculous.

We are all wimp's or her pain can't be what she says it is ?,not wanting to be judgy it just feels like it's not genuine on a couple of level's which makes me get my knickers in a twist 🤔,seems to take away from those of us who would rip your arm off for a tramadol when it gets so bad x

I can understand where she is coming from.

Have had skeletal and muscle pain since my teens.

Had brief occasions where I thought if this is my life then I’m done with it.

Have taken various pain killers over the years, none really make any difference. Last med was tramadol. I would never recommend it to anyone only as a last last resort.

The amount I would have had to have taken to make a vast difference would have put me in bed all day, I’m not ready for that just yet. Along with the terrible side affects. So I stopped. Took a couple of months to come off them and the withdrawal was not pleasant.

Now I take no pain killers.


Morning Alyson66 I have suffered with severe Fibro for over 30 years it put me in a wheel chair. The OA is now crippling my hands, feet and the whole of my spine my spine been the worst. And I also am unable to take pain medication. There are many reason people can't or don't want to take medication but believe me their pain at times can be crippling.

Many people prefer to try other methods of reducing their pain. Others may weigh up the the relief they may not even get against the many side effects and long term health problems some pain meds can cause.

Then there is those who have tried pain meds and found their pain was no different if they took the medication or not. So yes there are many people out there who are in terrible pain who don't or won't take strong pain medication.

We have many members here who with their doctors help have actually weaned themselves of medication. This does not mean they are better or not in pain.

I think we are all different in the way we feel and treat pain. For me I really don't know what it's like not to feel pain. But I don't want to cause further damage to my body by taking pain pills everyday day. Pain like everything else is a personal thing to the person who sufferers. One person may have a very high threshold of pain while another person may reach for the pain pills when they feel the slightest twinge.

But I would say if anyone needs strong pain meds and they get relief from taking them keep taking them. :)

You may like to lock your post. You don't need to only if you prefer what you post to stay private to this community only :) most members prefer to answer locked posts. I hope you have a nice day xx


I totally agree and understand your comments and also thank you for your feedback,we all have different reasons, situations and conditions,i only put the barest details of the original post but to clarify a little bit more, the lady in question has refused all treatment offered including medication,I just don't understand why post a message complaining of excruciating pain and do nothing to help yourself ?I It just grinds my gears a tad x

NickP1 in reply to Alyson66

I’ve not read the ladies posts, but maybe venting to the one group of people who understand how she feels is her way of dealing with it.

Could be she feels listened to, sometimes that’s enough.

I find that everyone is an individual with regard to how they respond to pain; however, when in pain they tend to be snappy toards others.

Personally, I will only take tablets when my pain is unbearable, pain is an integral part of my life, and many medications are no longer effective. I find theough, if you only use them when the pain is extreme, the tolerance doesn't build up as quickly.

There are all sorts of reasons that people don't want to take strong pain medications such as experiencing stomach problems and other side effects.

Pain meds can interfere with driving or the ability to do ones job well. Some people can't think straight or get dizzy or sick.

The press do a good job of frightening with tales of addiction and dependency.

So overall there are many good reasons not to go down the medication route.

It depends how you put it but I would say it was perhaps insensitive to suggest that her pain wasn't as she described. I wouldn't like it if someone suggested that my pain was other than I was saying.


Alyson66 in reply to deejames

Sorry but in my experience if pain is that bad you would do anything to stop it or at least try and relieve it

deejames in reply to Alyson66

I think the point is Alyson that each individual' s experience of pain is unique and no one can or should make a judgement on the degree of pain felt by another human being.

You can't possibly know what she experiences just as I can't know what you experience.

We are all on some sort of journey with our pain. How we chose to deal with it can differ at stages along that journey.

The function of these forums is to support and perhaps advise on things that can help not to make judgements.

I think you see that the general opinion was that that sort of judgement was not helpful or supportive.

Hoping you have a good day.


Alyson66 in reply to deejames

I can see by your responses that I may have annoyed you,but I didn't upset the lady in question as I didn't get involved in the discussion,I just read hers and the replys offered. I would not upset anyone intentionally,I just came away from the post a bit frustrated with someone who asks for help then shoots down any help suggested,to me it looked purely attention seeking and a big waste of other people's time and good will. Have a good day. Alyson

deejames in reply to Alyson66

Oh I am not annoyed by you. Why would I be ? You asked a question and I gave my opinion along with all the others.


Alyson66 in reply to deejames

Just seemed rather scathing and tbh I felt like I was being chastised. Alyson

Hey guys

Gona b abit controversial


It a very personal thing pain, some people have higher pain thresholds or can get through pain in there own way or for other reasons choose To do it naturally.

I have alot of problems and i have alot of problems due to the medications i was given ie antibiotics gave me liver failure!

And i ended up in a coma for 5 days due to other antibiotics which has now left me with severe allergies to foods ,medications EVERYTHING.So i do try to do it all naturally. I go to a great physio, hydrotherapy. Also i walk alot

As i need to keep my body strong and i take alot of vitamins.I meditate to get me through pain and i also take CBD oil.

If i am in severe pain i will result to meds and painkillers But only when i cant function Or have meeting at work

Or a flight.I just think EACH TO THERE OWN pain wise u cant really estimate someone elses Pain...

I know now someone gona go hmmm she cant b in much pain but i have had alot of really horrible things happen and i have got through because i have to sometimes meds For me is a case of take the pain or take chance on a coma. I have had a deep filling done no injections...

I had a dislocated jaw and arm Re located with no pain meds.i had my laparoscopy no pain meds. So sometimes it case of she may have bad experiences Of medication or what happens if u start them u cant stop ... who knows??? Anyway what im getting at is one persons pain is not anothers...

Please dont kill me lol

Alyson66 in reply to Lulububs

Lol, promise I won't...and I do agree with a lot of what you say but the lady in question refused all treatment not just pain killers, apparently she is going to rely on I said having experienced extreme pain my self I wouldn't be put my faith in kale or advocado xxx

Lulububs in reply to Alyson66

Jesus!!! Shes mad. If it was that easy we all have a cabbage and b well..... lol

I can see the point you are making and many people would do anything to be pain free especially when the bouts are excruciating. If the other forum responses have misunderstood what you meant to say then at the time it might have been worth explaining further, as often the written word can be misconstrued. Often the way things are worded can give across a certain impression and often you find it wasn't meant in this way at all.

However this being said, it is difficult to answer your post without all the information to hand as there may be valid reasons she doesn't want to take the medications like being allergic, side effects or other health problems. I think with all people living with Fibromyalgia we are all individuals with other variables that can influence how we personally chose to deal with pain and other symptoms. :) I don't think it's black and white or a case of right or wrong, and I think on communities everyone is entitled to their view and opinions.

After all is said and done we are all on the same side fighting the same Fibro monster daily and sometimes there are upsets on virtual forums often due to miscommunication.

Tomorrows another day as they say ! :)

Emma :)

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