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Do you know there are so many what i can call ODD symptons with fibro if i had not have found this site iwould have thought i was cracking up !!!

whatwith grinding teeth/biting my tongue and side of mouth/ struggling to swallow /pains around my heart and in my chest and thats just a few oddball things without all the usual ones of jelly legs /pins and needles /pain all over your body/ stumbling/memery loss/lack of concentration / oh the list is endless i could fill an A4 piece of paper lol

but i am so gald like most of you i found this site i would be very worried and probably to scared to say anything and embarrased as there are so manty things to mention lol

love to youy all i think we all value each other and this site very much

enjoy your day iam now off will may be pop back later love Diddle x

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yes i agree with that diddle ,i would feel the same what with all symptons that goes with fibro ,

enjoy your day diddle hugs to you xxx


sounds sad but i once drew a big stick man on a A4 piece of paper started at the top and had arrows pointing at all the bits of my body where i had symptons ,put it this way i could hardly fit it on the paper lol


Yes I HAVE filled an A4 piece of paper, all of the above sound familiar, I'm in an odd state right now where eveything is bluring and cant tell what is what with my health. I'm really glad I found this site and have just been accepted on the Facebook UK FM group. Glad your here too Diddle, its nice to chat now and then :-) xx


i definately agree with you. i really thought i was going completely bonkers and

no one would believe all the things happening to me. thank goodness you are all here! :) xx


Diddle, i feel the exact same. :)

I have met some lovely people on here and even a couple of good friends. I just wish we all lived closer and i think i am the one out in the sticks. lol.

I would go insane as my friends just dont get it, so i kept quite but with this site its so good to tell all and have good tips and support.

hugs, kel xxx


hi i agree totaly this site is fantastic iv not been on it very long but have been made very welcome iv got fibro 28years this is the first time in all these years that some one else realy noes what im suffering and going through because only another fibro suffer can truly understand it and i want to be here for other folks aswell soft hugs x


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