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What this site means to me

To all my "invisible friends",

This site means that I don't ever have to feel alone in my daily battle.

When none of my family, friends ( not sure if I have any of these anymore!), workmates, and medical professionals cannot understand ( or sometimes not even believe!) what I am feeling, it means so much to me to know that all you lovely people are there for me.

It helps to know that you are there to sympathise, encourage and support me when the "going gets tough".

It is such a shame that such caring, considerate people should have to live with this condition.

I hope that you are all learning to accept, pace and enjoy the good things in your life.

Thanks for being there,

Xxx :)

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Hi phlebo,

Thanks for the lovely post, it is so true we would be lost without each other,

I hope your day is good



Awwww phlebo, how lovely to say how much you like this site, exactly the way I feel too, so many understanding people who give advice and support so willingly. I love all my online friends here and value everyone soooo much.

Take care phlebo, sending positive and happy vibes your way :-) :-)

Foggy x


awww super hugs {{{{{{{whisper soft ones }}}}}}}} Phlebo your lovely also xxxx

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Awwwwwwwww that's so sweet and I agree with everyone else too I'd be lost without this site :)

For the first time in a very long time I know I'm not alone

xxxzebxxx sending a big bouquet of rainbow fluffie cuddles to you :)


I am so glad we can all help each other just a shame we all have to be ill to be empathetic. We must all be there for each other. I myself would be lost without this site x :-) <3


all has been said so sending soft hugs

from me just for you



You put it perfectly. I think we all feel the same. I certainly would be lost without it now.

Is xx


Such lovely words.....I only joined a month or so back and have found out so much info but most of all the people are you said 'sympathise, encourage and support'.

So DITTO to yours and everybody else who has commented above.

Love to you all xxx :-D


Bless ,we all need support and sometimes family Dont understand I wish they could all,walk in our shoes just for a week and doctors I would give them a year of it ,but only the ones who don't care .x


Hi phlebo, I go with what every else has said, thank you for lovely post, and yes its great to know where to come to if you are feeling low, you are all a great bunch, you are included in that bunch phlebo, sending gentle hugs to you....Dee xx


Sending you lots of soft fluffy hugs xxxx


Well said phlebo,I feel exactly the same too.And when I miss a day or two or more on here,I miss reading everyone's posts.We should all give each other a gentle pat on the back for all the support we give to each other and I think zeb should send each and every one of us a rainbow fluffy,that's if you have enough!xxx


This is a brilliant site. So many different types of posts and questions to interest everyone - some that make you think, some that make you want to offer support or your experiences and, what I love the most, many that make us laugh. I can't help myself from checking it often every day :)

Pip xx


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