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Why I love this site

Apart from the obvious the lovely people I meet on here... It's so easy to use... Have looked up fibro groups on the web in the past and everyone I found has this weird set up of loads of small categories in very small print and I just can't get my head round them, Here you just get on nice bright white screen and the buttons are there for blogs questions your profile. No wonder we have so many members here.. Even when my eyes are not at their best.. My night meds give me blurred vision some days, I can still navigate this site with ease and speed.... Oh stop groaning I refuse to leave I like it here too much :P

VG x

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So it looks like were stuck with ya then VG!!!! :-) must say if im gonna have this wretched condition for the rest of my days then im mighty glad to share the journey with fibro friends like you :-)

Dixie xx


Thank you , I think exactly the same about you and the rest of the forum :)

Hugs VG x


I think we can put up with you VG, we love your humour, you brighten our days even when your days are foggy and you make light of it! You are a trooper and deserve a gentle pat on the back. (((hug)))

Our forum here at FibroAction is by far the best forum I have ever been in and I've been in many over the years. It is improving all the time thanks to HU's efforts. The layout is perfect, easy to navigate and we do our best so everyone can find what they are looking for easily too.

It's fantastic that we have so many lovely members such as yourself who love coming here and who are making such good friends amongst us all. The fact that it helps them offload and feel supported is wonderful too. I personally don't think there is anywhere like FibroAction, it's welcoming and has a comfy feel too! :) It's like sitting in a comfy virtual chair surrounded by soft cushions lol! ;) :P

You are all very welcome here! :)


VG never contemplate leaving for any reason we all love you here silly mare. Iknow you did not mean you were leaving how could we when there is this "Comfy armchair" to support us all. I did cuckle at ths analogy I am indeed a bit of a armchair wel certainly well padded lol

Have a lovely day guys xxxgins


Personally speaking Gins, my padding today with all the layers I'm wearing makes me more of a comfy sofa, it's so darn cold today! Brrrr! ;) :P


Sits on gins and grins happily :)



Hi VeryGrumpy, I love it here too, for the same reasons as you, from the sounds of it. I find many sites just too overwhelming and just get lost. I'm dyslexic, which combined with the visual disturbances of fibro, meds, and eye cancer, makes for a rollacoaster ride:) Want to ride the whirling waltzer with me?!!!


Sure potty dog... Will supply my own sick bag... It's just such bad manners to vomit on fellow fibromites... have a as good a day as you can

Hugs VG xx


ooh so now we are on a waltzer ----weeee oh dear turns lovely shade of green cannot we try the tea cups more sedate. :) xgins


Offers gins the sick bag.... Sorry I had to use it , but there's a bit of room left in it

VG :)


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