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It has been a funny day for the site or few days , ther has been a certain member being very hurtful with their comments on memebers blogs and for no apparent reason which is a shame we are al on here as we have the same thing that connects us which is fibro some of us have other ailments and alot of other problems but it doent matter we all come on here because we can be ourselves we can rant/moan/laugh what ever wwe know that if we write something someone will answer us and help us through . ok sometimes we will hear things we dont really like but there are ways of saying things without being dam right nasty which is what this member was doing ,

i hope now it i all quiet on the forum and there will b no more nastiness after all there is enough hate in this world we dont need to bring it into our special little family

lets all go to bed and reflect on things and tomorrow is another day so lets all wake up (if your lucky enough to have slept lol) and lets all be kind to each other and instead of a frown smile at people

love to you all Diddle xxxxx

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hi diddle.sorry but i have not seen those blogs ( hope its not me) how can you be nasty on you say we are all on here for a reason..have a good night with plenty of sleep if you can

bob xx


Diddle havent posted on this for a while up to tonight as I was going through a bad time physically and emotionally, but now trying to get better in every way (hard though it may be with our poor health), anyway I noticed one person in particular saying awful things and thought to myself that he's not suffering from fibromyalgia, because if he was he would be really suffering like us and looking for similar like minded people for some compassion and understanding, he would'nt be looking for someone to knock, there may have been others I know not of, we must hold our heads up high and tell anyone that pretends to think ill of us, to buzz off, and let us be.

Take care and gentle hugs Claire xxxxx


Hi Diddle,

I havent read the derogatory comments but I agree why waste life being nasty it is short enough and what we need is help - cuddles -encouragement through this beastly life changing disease. So kindness and a smile is so much better it lifts are spirits and certainly helps us through each day so lets all send soft hugs to each other and move on. xgins


Hopr it isnt me has im not a nasty person.and thos place has become my solace lately so i dont burden my fella with it.

I agree no need for nastiness.if you can say something nice then why speak at all.

Xx p.s suns shinning yey.


oh dear if my clowning has upset anyone please message me i try to be funny at all times even when i can hardly type but if it is me that offended anyone please tellme immediately ... i have a different sense of humour from most people so now diddle has me worried lol. huggies to you all petal


Hi diddle have not been on lately so have not seen any bad comments. Just want to make u all giggle. Well I sleapt last night really well untill I woke up in the wee hours somehow I had used the button on my bed to elevate my heald amd my legs. When I woke up I was stuck in the lowest patr of the bed in a position were - could not move or get to my buton. So don't wake the hubby went back to sleep untill he woke me up laughing trying to straighten the bed up. Lol it was the best nights sleep ever maybe we should all sleep in abnormal positions worked for me and really cheered me up x


Hi diddle hopefuly we won`t have any more problems,the person involved has been complained about.

I don`t think for one minute they had fibro,I think they are what is known on facbook and such like as a Troll.

So we should be back to our happy band again.

Love and hugs Jayne xxxxx :-)


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