I So Love This Site

Thanks firstly to all on here who has given me support and reassurance I really would feel so alone if i didnt have this site full of so many caring people your all my fibro family lol Would be so cool if we could all meet up somewhere someday ( It would be a hard task though for us all to feel well on the same day to attend lol ) but would be so lovely

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  • i agree sue. I may moan alot but it really helps to finally be able to get things off my chest to people who understand how i am feeling and are so caring and sympathetic.

    hugs kia x

  • ME TOO!!!!!

  • Me three :)

  • Hi Sue, agree about the site and the meeting up. Maybe we could have a fibro weekend with plenty of complementary therapies etc. to pamper us. LUSH. Angela xx

  • Me also. :)

    It seems weird that we are close when we dont actually know one another, I would never of beleived that i could of talked to so many lovely people that just get me. lol.

    kel xxx

  • How long has the group been running now?

  • i love this site too its my lifeline xxxx

  • I agree I think this site is brilliant. knowing that you are not alone when it comes to others understanding what you are going through :-)

  • me to its my lifeline to sanity ,wud b great tho if we cud all meet up .xxx

  • It does seem much longer Lynn. I'm a member of a couple of other forums/groups, - childminding related - and this is the nicest and friendliest for me.

  • aw we all get so much from this site dont we its lovely on here a real fibro family you take care love to you diddle x

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