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Morning out there to all I managed to get one of my Lawns cut yesterday they have been to wet to do just like lakes so wet well I wished I had not done it now my body is paying me back the demond is back with his army but I must fight on have another lawn to do today some time !! hope you all have a good day not so sunny here today soft hugs )))) to alll Allan .

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Morning! well done you! i do things like that too. yes i hurt afterwards but i think, well - at least i know why i hurt today!' (like the time i tried out tennis on the kids Wii!!)

A good analogy once said to me is 'if you hit your thumb with a hammer are you never going to hammer again?!'

hope the rain stays away for you! :-) xx


good morning to you too, You have motivated me to get some housework done, will have a coffee and write a list and gently work through it, having a rest every now and then helps, hope you get your lawn cut!


good morning , well done on the lawn cutting , i managed to get mine cut just before this last deluge and the sense of achievement was massive .hope the weathers on your side x


Thank's for all the comments managed to get the lawn done ok :-) now going to rest for a week Lol i wish soft hugs )))) to all



hi allan sorry to hear you are in the wars, hope you are better tomorrow you will prob go and do your other lawn and be the same the next day take it easy and jus go sit tin the sun good excuse todaty love diddle x


WEll done on tackling one lawn Allan, sorry to hear the demon is with you now. please take care do you not fancy a wild garden????

Hugs x x x x


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