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Advice on body jerks

Hi im not sure if im suffering from fibro but I've just searched my symptoms and have ended up here and after reading some of your post thought id ask the question "should I seek medical advise from my gp"

Im under going treatment at the moment for lumbar spondylosis and currently on oxycodne long release and oxycodne instant release along with nortyptaline and duluxatine. I've also been on amitryptyline, gabapentin naproxen and pregabalin. So basicly what im asking is I've been getting these whole body jerks which I've had for some time but very mild and not regular but just recently I've been getting them and like people say I've almost hit the ceiling and with my bad back it is very pain full and dam near crippling, so with that dose anyone have any advise as to weather I should as to go back on pregabalin to calm this down or that its just because of all the sedative medication im on and its just me??

Thanks in advance for any help.☺

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Hello Paul7989 and a warm welcome to our friendly fibro forum where you can get advice, support, help and understanding.

Our Mother Site has a wealth of information including guides and links.

Have you been given a definite diagnosis of fibro? It sounds as though your doctor may think you have it, according to all the meds you are taking, which are normally prescribed for fibro.

If you look alongside your post to the right, you will see in blue, Related Posts, where you can read of other members experiences and questions about body jerks.

If you think the jerks are becoming more painful and frequent, then I really do suggest you speak to your doctor about it.

Have you seen a rheumatologist or neurologist? Perhaps you could ask your doctor for a referral to eliminate any other conditions and firm up your diagnosis.

I am lucky enough only to have mild infrequent jerks, so I can't imagine the pain you are in with stronger ones.

The forum tends to be a little quieter at weekends so it may be useful to post this again in the week if you feel you have not had a good response today. Our members are very knowledgeable and helpful with these kinds of symptoms.

Hope to see you around the forum.



Hi Kay and thanks for the rapid reply and warm welcome.☺

All the meds I am on and have been on have been prescribed for my back pain the word fibromyalgia hasn't even been mentioned its only by searching the body jerking I've come across this forum and seen the medication prescribed for fibro and that I've also been on the same for my back I asked the question should I see my gp and ask him about it as this may be something I am also suffering from, I was just telling my self all this time I am tired and restless and the jerking was to do with all my other medication but im not to sure now after reading a few of these post..


Hi paul7989

Welcome I would speak to your GP if symptoms are new. My shakes were happening with hot drinks and things. The GP said it was partly fibro but some of it anxiety.

I hope you get some relief soon.

Definately get some professional advice.



Hi Paul7989 ,

Welcome to our forum. Those jerks that you describe sound really painful.

None of us on the forum are medically qualified to advise about Medication or what causes certain symptoms, we can only say what we have experienced ourselves.

The Medication that you are taking certainly is what a lot of people with Fibromyalgia take, with the exception of Oxycodone, that is usually only prescribed by Consultants, or if you also have other painful conditions, which you have.

I think you need to go back to your Consultant/GP and ask for a Review, and ask if you could possibly have Fibromyalgia. I must warn you though, Fibromyalgia is diagnosed only after everything else has been eliminated, and can sometimes take a long time.

Wishing you well.

GP. 😊😊


Hi Paul and welcome,

I get the body jerks as well but milder than your describing. I can also sit and watch the nerves flicker in my hands and run up and down my leg. My wife is an Intensive Care Nurse and even she finds it weird! It took me four years and two nerve operations to finally be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It sounds like the drugs you have been prescribed are the normal ones for the treatment of fibro!

I would definitely chat to your GP. Whilst GPS can diagnose fibro they very rarely do and usually will refer to a Rhumetologist at your local hospital for a diagnosis and treatment plan. You then have access to the pain management team and physiotherapist, both of which your GP can refer you to once diagnosed. I personally think we should be referred to a neurologist rather than a Rhumetologist as the underlying problem is definitely connected with nerves, nerve endings and the mixed messages that they send.

Best wishes Patrick


Hi Patrick thanks for your post it sounds like I must definitely go and see my gp. As for being referred to pain management and physio im already there but my pain management consultant seems to be a bit of a numpty I've already had a lumbar epidural for my spine to help with pain which only seemed to work for about a week and the physio just put me in even more pain when I went to see him the other day he didn't offer me anything else and said he will see me in 6months im now going for an operation to have my lower spine fused as I cannot cope anymore with the pain getting worse I no its no fix for my back but at least it can be managed properly once it can't get any worse im just wondering if its just my spinal nerves just making me jerk or I may have a this fibromyalga either way it seems pregabalin which I was once taking for my back is what I need to calm these body jerks down and should ask my gp to put me back on them I just panic about asking for things id just rather tell him and do what ever he tells me I also feel like im bothering him and wasting his time as im always going there saying what he gives me doesn't work or dose but only slightly, im already on oxycodne which is 1an1/2 times stronger than morphine and im asking for more pills doesn't look good or am I just paranoid.. Thanks again for any advice.



Never think u are wasting the GP's time. As for asking for more pain relief don't worry about that either. The way to combat pain is to use different medication which all target different types of pain. Morphine will do nothing for you jerks, oxycodone and morphine are both opioids and very similar apart from the strength (which basically means you can take a lower dose) they are metabolised in the body differently. ( just thought I'd share that) so what I am trying to say is they are used for they same type of pain but suit different people's needs.

Anyway what I'm trying to say is u may need to add other drugs to your regime to target different types of pain. The health profession follow a 'ladder' for pain relief starting with the weaker analgesics moving up the scale gradually until the pain is controlled. With adding medicines for other symptoms along the way.

I think you should see your GP and discuss the best option for u as far as the jerks go. It's a bit of trial and error and you may need to try a few things until u get the right balance

Sorry that's a bit jumbled brain and fingers not working together today

Welcome to the forum too. It's a lovely place to be



Hi Paul, I can empathise with your back problems, I have bulging discs in my neck and had three discs trimmed off in my lower back twenty years ago from a bad parachute jump. Despite behaving all this time they have decided to play up. A big problem myself and many others have said is that health professionals can tend to put any ache and pain down to fibro once you have been diagnosed with it, even if it's something different.

Something that really works for me in stabilising my Restless Leg Syndrome and all over stiffness and spasms is Diazipam. I take 5mg at lunchtime and tea time, it really helps and used to be used widely when treating back issues. Many GPS are now reluctant to prescribe it due to its over use in the 80s for anxiety based issues. However, it remains an excellent drug to stop the muscles contracting around an injured part of the back and going into spasm.

When I go to see my GP I write down the key objectives of the meeting and the desired outcome. I find if you offer a problem with a solution this is the route that will be taken nine times out of ten.

Due to the complexity of your issues there is really, in my humble opinion, no way to tell if you have fibro until you have your back issues sorted out. As fibro cannot be cured it is about treating the symptoms. If you treat your symptoms as they arise effectively then fibro becomes a label you can apply at a later date.

I hope that makes sense and hope you can keep on top of the pain. I have Oramorph for breakthrough pain when the morphine tablets, tramadol, co codymol just don't cut it. Fortunately if I pace myself and accept that I have this condition and adjust my life accordingly I can manage the pain. No one should have to live with pain in this day and age, speak to your GP, he's the one that prescribes the drugs. Explain how the pain is drastically affecting the quality of your life and you need help now.

Best of luck


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Hi Paul7989

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance.

As Hartleyhare2 says, a GP can diagnose Fibro but it is usually a Rheumatologist that will, so a referral is the best bet. There are also medications that can help with body jerks and restless legs if your GP thinks they are suitable for you, so it may be worth asking.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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