Hi everyone... I'm back!!

Well hello my fibro-friends!! Blimey I've missed you lot...:-D :-D

My move went pretty much ok! and things are getting done slowly. I'm now in an adapted ground floor flat with wet room.. :-D and even have my own little bit of garden at the back! Oooh by the way!! HI COOKIE..:-D Hope you're doing well...

Hehehe! another little bit of good news folks...I woke up to see a text alert from my bank telling me £3,313.92 had been deposited into my account! Backdated ESA as I queried not being in the support group and it was awarded without question!!.... So....all the things I wanted to buy eventually... Can be bought TODAY!!... :-D :-D...much love to you all!!..ninja...xxx

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  • Hi ninjananna

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? It is wonderful to hear form you! I am delighted that you have so much good news, it has brightened up my day!

    I will keep my fingers crossed that some other piece of good news comes through, after all, they say good news comes in threes?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Ahh thanks Ken! Yes, maybe the next thing will be pip awarded and that's backdated from Nov 2013 when I applied for it!!....:-D :-D

  • Absolutely wonderful news glad the move went well. It must be marvellous to have a wet room and as you say even a bit of garden to enjoy. Great news about the money, lets keep our fingers crossed for your PIP now. x

  • such a positive post! thankyou for sharing with us :)

  • Oh ninjananna I am so very very pleased for you, what a wonderful surprise to have such a good text, I'm sure you nearly did a "virtual" happy dance like this ^[>}{^}**~] with your fingers, which I tend to do rather than an actual real life dance which would definitely not suit my bod ! :-) So I've done the happy dance for you and hope so much that your PIP comes through very soon in the same way and that you can rest easy knowing that things are improving in some ways for you :-)

    I really am very delighted for you :d :d :d

    Foggy x

  • Oh whoops, silly silly Foggy - I'm glad your move went of not too badly :-) just remember to take your time and pace yourself, the boxes to unpack will still be there tomorrow. Don't do too much and out yourself back and treat yourself with great care :-)

    Sending lots of positive vibes your way :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Oh foggy!! You are sooohh funny! I certainly had to pinch myself and then put my glasses on to make sure 1: I was actually awake and 2: My blurry vision wasn't playing tricks with my eyes!..:-D :-D In my virtual body I was doing body poping/hip hop and the electric boogaloo!! all at once....Hahahaha!!! Thanks for the lovely words my friend!... Much love...ninja... xxx

  • Welcome back! Glad move went OK :)

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