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Off To Rheumy

I've got my first Rheumy appointment at the hospital at 11.20am since being referred by my specialist to the OT (and the PT by extension).

If I remember to ask him which therapist I listen to when one contradicts the other. The more I think about it the more I'm sure my Physiotherapist's instructions are the right one. I think the OT has gotten tunnel vision with my Fibro and thinks my difficulty walking/standing is all Fibro related when it's actually because of my RA and spinal deformities not Fibro. Fibro doesn't help and makes it worse when dealing with the fatigue I live with but at the core of the problem is the degeneration of my hip/legs due to RA which has severely limited my ability to walk or even stand for more than 5 to 10 mins at a time.

Part of me hopes he will offer me another Steroid injection in my bad shoulder as I am in agony with it. My pain levels have never dropped, so while I can force my shoulder/arm to move which I couldn't in October when needed it causes me agonising pain and a massive shoot up of pain levels for at least 90 mins after each physio for said shoulder.

First I have to drop my Mum off at the dentist to pick up her plate which was being repaired yesterday. We were going last night prior to closing but my brother and his wife had a family party for my youngest nephew who turned 4 yesterday and I was there from just after 6pm till almost 9pm last night.

Exhausting and heightened my pain levels but was worth it.

So I'm must get off to get ready now due to my stop off on the way to hospital, talk to you all later.

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good luck love diddle x


Good luck and hope you let us know how you get on xx


Good luck xxx


good luck,hope you get something sorted hugs xx


LOL you made me smile. you hit the nail on the head. which specialist should we listen too???


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