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To mention or not to mention FMS on job application? [Nurse]

I'm currently on a phased return to work as a nurse in a busy A&E dept after being off all year and being diagnosed with Fibro. I'm only managing a couple of shifts a week so far. I love my job to bits and its what I always wanted to do, but in the long run, I don't think A&E is the place for me now I know I have this condition and it is such a struggle at times.

I've seen a job advertised, which is far more suitable. Its 10 mins from my house [my current job is in another town and 45 mins drive away. Slightly less hours but enough to cope on financially, and far less physically demanding.

I am definitely going to apply for it, but I'm wondering.......When do I tell them about my fibro? They will obviously find out about my sickness this year due to it when they ask for references. Should I just be open and honest on the application and tell them why I'm wanting to apply, or do I wait until interview, or after references?

I am more than qualified for the job and am just worried the fibro may out them off :(

Have any of you had experience of this, good or bad?

Thanks, Sam xxx

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I would tell them at lease if ur homest they know where thry stand explain that the job would be more suitable for u to cope with the fibro wot more can u do and u know that they will ask ur dr for a medical wuestionaire anyway good luck c


When I was applying for jobs I always filled in the box that asked if I considered myself to have a disability. In interviews I would try to explain fibro briefly and, for me, there was nothing in particular that I needed in terms of adjustments as I was used to self-managing. I had two long spells off work with depression and anxiety (one over 5 months) and when questioned in the interview I would explain it in as simple terms as possible (few people are clued up about fibro - especially in the teaching profession) and reassure them that I was now managing perfectly well.

Fingers crossed you get an interview ((hugs))


Thanks for the replies.

Think I will do that Lucy, was planning on ticking the relevant boxes! Then I guess its up to them.

Fingers crossed I get an interview! Xx


Hi there,Iam a qualified nurse too and had to give up my job 8 years ago in a hospice as I could no longer manage it.I think it would be best to be open and honest with them and if they are decent people then they will respect your honesty.Lots of disabled people work so they shouldn't discriminate against you as long as you are fit enough to work.Good luck xxx


Hi, I've just spent the last 2 hours filling in paperwork for a CSW bank job including an occ health form. I've mentioned my fibro, had to say I've had depression but only as part of my fibro and back pain with 20 year history also as part of fibro. I just know there's no way I could do nights so mentioning the fibro means they wouldn't expect me to do nights I think. My CV shows I've had various jobs over the years yet have had a long history of fibro. I feel a bit apprehensive about mentioning it but at the end of the day I don't want a job I can't cope with so I figure it's best to be honest from the start. So far I've passed all hurdles but I have to be prepared to fail at this last one. If I do at least I know it will be for health reasons and not to do with anything negative about my abilities. I've been hiding away from clinical practice over the last 3 years telling myself hospital work is too hectic for me and bad for my health but to be honest being bored stiff and unfulfilled in a social care type job is bad for my health too, I've been so depressed! My advice would be to go to Occ health and request to do only core shifts on A&E as we fibromites need to pace ourselves, that way we can cope. 12 hour shifts are not suitable for anyone with fibro. If you do change your job make sure you are going to be fulfilled in it otherwise it will just be counter productive. Hope that helps. Nwg


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