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Pain is at its worse!


Hi all, as per my previous posts, i am still currently being tested for everything before being diagnosed with Fibro. The last few days my aches and pains have been steadily getting worse until yesterday when it hit an all time high, it was an uncomfortable night with not much sleep and this morning still in much pain and reducing me to tears! I have just spent an hour in a hot bath and its taken the edge off the pain enough for me to write this post. I did mange to get a nurses appointment yesterday where yet more blood tests were done and again referring me back to see my GP on Friday, however i just feel i'm going round in circles and getting nowhere and the pain is just getting worse. I'm becoming tired, frustrated and annoyed the longer it goes on and my stress levels are through the roof which is probably contributing to my pain level... i'm feeling very unhappy and sorry for myself, which is unlike me!!!

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Hi there , glad you are seeing the gp on Friday don’t hold back tell he/she how things have got worse and really need help with meds to help the pain levels, it’s okay to feel sorry for yourself we certaintly go through the mill with fibro and other existing conditions as well , sometimes we just need that extra medical help and a shoulder to lean on, I find the forum a good place to chat with each other as 100%. We truly can relate with you. Let us know how appointment goes on Friday , I really do hope they can help with the pain , yes I find warm bath soothing do you put Epsom salts in ? have you tried a tens machine at all ? I use my wheat bag or hottie for my back or legs , I’m sure you’ve already done this we keep trying things , ps if you would like to lock your posts here’s a link take care x

Ade1965 in reply to YASMINTINA

Thank you for responding, I’ve had 3 hot baths today each taking an hour, so a large part of my day wasted. I have tried using Epsom bath salts for the first time today and it has taken the edge off the pain. Is it normal to feel nauseous with the muscle aches and pains? I often feel sick, in the stomach but never actually thrown up. The last two days have been completely draining and feel I have no energy to do the simplest of things. X

YASMINTINAFMA UK Volunteer in reply to Ade1965

Yes I think pain aches can make us feel nauseous, horrid feeling of no energy I try and lose myself in as good drama at nite or music on my iPad, playing scrabble with my family or even a phone call to my bestie for a chat I’m resting this afternoon as I can feel last few days have caught up ,I can take prescription codiene but doc says not too take it all the time which I don’t, so looking forward to my bath , hate showers and always have a supply of Epsom salts found they were selling packets from a company I’d ordered online in a certain pound store, and when the buy one get one for a penny sale is on at h/b I put few drops of lavender oil in bath smells gorgeous and smells for few hours after too. I bought online a tube of gel bit like deep heat but not the heat if you get what I mean called bio gel for my lowerback shoulder blades , knees, places I think I can use it. Sometimes it’s good we can’t chat to each other as we totally relate how it effects us on a daily basis. I have 2 little grand boys they keep my chin up knowing I get to see their smiley faces at least a couple of times a week xxx

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain and not getting far with a diagnosis. Has your gp referred you to a rheumatologist? Heat helps me too and my latest buy is a heated shawl that goes around my neck and shoulders. I find a tens machine helps my legs too. Hope you can get some answers soon 😀😀

It's the same for me. Fed up with the gabapentin being increased when not even helping. No better than I was before I started on it. G.p. Can't do anything apart from keep increasing it so phoned rheumatology nurse helpline and have to wait for a phone call back which can be up to a week as so busy. Xx

Thank you for responding and I’m due to see my GP on Friday and will be determined to get some help as I can’t continue much longer feeling this way x

Great news yesterday, my GP finally officially diagnosed me with having fibromyalgia and wants to see me again next week to discuss medication! I’m so happy to finally have a diagnosis and start to treat this dreadful condition. The pain has been so bad this week that I lost two days of being unable to function properly, even the smallest tasks have been impossible to do physically. Any further advice from you guys would be much appreciated as to what kind of meds I should consider. I do appreciate we are all different and experience some different affects and levels of pain. I’m just so pleased to be finally diagnosed... what a sad thing to say, but it’s such a relief!! X

Ajay575 in reply to Ade1965

Hi there is lots of treatment out there and tools it can take a long time to get wot suits yourself etc .there is the self help tools and courses with add ons at end .and all the meds .You may or may not get rumatology referrall .some docs leave unless inflammation shows up but all docs are different.painkillers again every one diff and pain docs same etc .there is paracetomel base starter then your add ons .amytryptoline gets used a lot also pregablin. gabepentin .tramadol.fentynal patch.diclofenic.naproxan. dyhydracodine. co.codamal. and even more .You could get 2 or the other or a mix of them altogether depending on level of pain .you can or your doc will discusse this next week .sleep also it is important to try get sleep or help with your sleep .You will take it all in after next week etc .I would ask if any courses available etc to put your name down .they do help a lot and educational etc and sometimes add ons at end .some people do not like them but they are usefully and help a lot of poeople and worth a try for you .Hope your appointment goes ok for you .

Ade1965 in reply to Ajay575

Thank you for replying and the great advice, its very much appreciated.

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