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One health concern after another since mid October losing will to live as ongoing all time

It started mid October when I had 4 raptured ovarian cysts, after 3 hospital admissions they eventually decided to remove the cysts, pain subsided but then heart rate increased over 100 and temperature fluctuating between 37.4-38.8 since, after treatment for cysts I then developed inner ear infection within 3 days this I assume has cleared now as no more pain in ear region but still high temp, pulse and bp, doctor sure infection somewhere but unsure where. I have now started vomiting blood doctor wanted me to go to hospital yesterday but refused but said if any worse over the next 24 hours I will go in, the reason I didn't want to go yesterday is due to the hospital seeing on my file I have fibro so they end up just dismissing everything in the past and send me home so what is the point. I am genuinely not well and my body is giving these symptoms for some reason getting real fed up just checked bp just now and is 149/99 heart rate 99 and temp 38.6 now starting to get pounding headache in last half hour and being sick again don't want to be a pest but hate have fibro as some of the doctors at local hospital is still ignorant to the condition and just take for granted any change in my condition is fibro related just so fatigued with it all had enough now

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I can't stress strongly enough the need to attend hospital ASAP, this does not sound Fibro related at all. Lou xx

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Hi, I understand difficulties with hosp and fibro but I have a nursing background, and I have to say to you: THIS IS URGENT - AN EMERGENCY.

If you are vomiting blood that is A MEDICAL EMERGENCY.

I strongly advise you to immediately call 999 and ask for an ambulance.

As soon as u tell them u are vomiting blood you will get no problems with the ambulance service or hospital - they have a duty to investigate it.

You will need an EMERGENCY test to check where the bleeding is coming from.

They may also need to replace the blood you've lost and you will definitely need IV fluids.

You will need to be closely observed until they've found the source of the bleeding.


You clearly have internal bleeding and this may or may not have been caused by your cist operation.

Either way Drs will need to find the source of the bleeding and do a procedure to stop it very urgently.

The bleeding won't stop on its own; it will continue and get worse without urgent treatment.


you can't even wait a few hours I'm afraid, as this kind of problem can progress very quickly.

I understand you're worried but you can always message us from the hospital for moral support.

Please call for an ambulance now.

Take care,

Starbys xx


This is serious. Please go to A&E dont let fibro beat you and dont let ignorant doctors beat you either.


Thank you lou60, starbys and MillyPeede for kind words, I took advice and I have just got home as spoke with gp and 111 this afternoon and an ambulance was sent to take me in to be checked the sickness has subsided at moment and bp,heart rate and temp all stable at moment due to having no beds at hospital at moment unless serious the a&e doctor asked if happy to go home as long as back to gp in morning then to go back in as outpatient for endoscopy just so fed up, said if still to feel bad again to call and go straight back in I am glad still saying nothing serious but at least the tests are getting organised now lets hope I have some answers soon


So pleased you have been seen. Lou xxx


Hi WEEme

I am delighted to read that you have been seen and assessed. I want to wish you a speedy full recovery. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Xx thanks all resting now at home x


Thank you Ken


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