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New GP

I've just today registered with a new GP after moving back to London, I have an appointment next Monday to discuss medication options and to see if I can be referred to a few places to help me manage my symptoms.

I'm so worried. I've had problems in the past with this particular surgery and most of the doctors there. Before I was diagnosed with Fibro they made it quite difficult for me - in the end, one came to the conclusion that I was making it all up for attention and so, obviously I have my doubts. However, it was the only surgery willing to take us on.

So,I'll be updating you Monday with what happens; hopefully we get somewhere as I've never been on medication as apparently according to my last GP, I was too underweight.

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This might help:


If the GP won't prescribe anything, ask for a referral to the local pain management clinic to get specialist advice. If they won't refer you, ask them to explain why they will not refer you. If they can't give you a good answer, calmly ask them to write in your notes that you asked for a referral to the pain management clinic because you need specialist help managing your Fibro symptoms, and that they have refused this. GPs have a responsibility to refer if they can't properly deal with anything. They hate writing down that they have refused something when they can't give good reasons for doing so.


oh dear well fingers crossed it goes ok for you ,sending you hugs xx


Hi Umbrehla, I would like to agree with LindseyMid's advice above, it is exactly what I would advise you to do. Just stay calm, but make sure something gets done. Good Luck and let us know how you go. You never know they may have one or more new doctors there! I so feel for you. Lots of Love Kimbell x


Thank you :)

And yes, I'm hoping that some new doctors have joined - at least I know which ones to avoid!


Good luck with your appointment, I hope it goes well. Let us know how you get on xx


Too thin to have medication - what rubbish. One of my FM meds gives me the munchies and I've put on a couple of pounds since I started it! Good luck with your new GP. It's always nerve wracking when we change.

Whippet x


good luck with the new gp, I am in a simular situation but a bit strange. I work in a health centre and it is also my gp, this has worked good for six years and i have had excelent care. Now we have been taken over by a private firm, I have been told i need to find a new gp. Being in the nhs for 25 yeras you get to know about the godd and not so good practices, been searching for three months have one more week to find one who is sympathetic with fibro and one who will take me on as i have diabetes thyroid problems to its all so financialy orientated these days. however i am optimistic that i will eventually get one


Best of luck to you Webby!

And of course, I'll be letting everyone know how it goes on Monday. Hoping I'm not dismissed with some paracetamol and be told to get on my way again. =P


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