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Seeing GP Tomorrow- Medication Recommendations?!!


I know different medications work for different people, but I need some ideas to start somewhere!

I was diagnosed with Fibro about 3 years ago (after having it for several years before that, but the symptoms were always put down to my Arthritis which I've had since the age of 8), the only medication specifically for fibro that I've been put on is Amitriptyline, which only worked at fairly high dose (50mg), but this then caused too many side effects for me (dry mouth and grogginess in the morning, which as I have to be up early for commute to work was no good for me. I'm on dihydrocodeine 60mg QDS/PRN for pain also (although thats for all my aches and pains, not just fibro- I have ulcerative colitis too).

I'm seeing my GP tomorrow before going back to work next week (been singed off for a month), and I want to ask for something to help with the Fibro but I'm not even sure where to start! I could do with something to help me sleep, but is there anything that doesn't make you feel so groggy the next day? A lot of people seem to be on Duloxetine, is that any good to help with sleep?

I don't want to try Pregabalin/Gabapentin as I've already put on 3 stone due to being on high dose steroids for the past 18 months which I'm now working hard to get off (11lb down already!!), so definitely don't want anything else with that affect!!

Thanks in advance for any advice xx

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As you say what suits one doesn't suit another but I take dosulepin at night 75mg .. No dry mouth and I get up at 7 am after sleeping 7-8 hours it works perfectly for me... It's very old and cheap but it was the 4th one I tried.. I didn't get on with amitriptaline fluoxetine or seroxat....

Good luck with trying and testing as that's all we can do till we find the things that suit us

VG x

Dosulepin is definitely a good one to try - it has relatively few side effects and doesn't seem to encourage weight gain too much.

I'm sure your GP will be happy to try you on a few medications to see which give the best results.

Moffy x

Dear Phoenix,

Here is a link to the FibroAction website with information on many medications used for Fibro

Hope this helps


Thanks guys xx

Found this info on the suggested med:

Before taking Dosulepin and reaping its benefits, you must first consult a qualified professional regarding its indications and contraindications. Discuss your medical history to your doctor including bouts with heart, liver, or thyroid disorders. Epilepsy, hypotension, glaucoma, and diabetes are some of the other conditions that become concerns for patients who are looking through a Dosulepin treatment. You and you doctor must also discuss in full your possible allergic reactions to the drug and its compounds. Taking Dosulepin along with other medicines may also cause harmful drug interactions. To avoid this, you must tell your doctor all about the prescription and nonprescription drugs that you are using.

Seems useful advice but I am glad you asked this as I have too!

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