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Hello pain ... again... No GP support

My left side if hurting and so weak at the moment I am actually struggling to type at work. I am trying to go swimming and lose some weight but I am struggling due to all this stupid medication! My GP still does not want to help and will not put any of my medication on repeat. I feel so alone. Only the OT's at work understand. Fed up of been treated differently. Sorry for the rant.

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Gentle hugs. What medication are you on? I'm sorry you don't have a supportive GP, it makes all the difference when we have one who understands.

Swimming , I have found, has really helped me so I hope you find the same.




I think it is the start of another flare up if am honest. Lidocaine infusion, pregablin 200mg, amitriptyline and tramadol. Swimming does relax me but some days my elbows hurt so much and I am constantly covered in bruises - which my GP told me was normal... from swimming. But anyway. My consultant is not much better, I am suppose to see him every 4 weeks im lucky if it is every 8 .... so am back to square one every time. I am pleased you enjoy swimming too x


Hello Emjane

Your GP sounds delightful. Not! Is there another one you can see at the practice? I really hope you can get a more understanding one.

It's good to get things out of your system so please don't worry if you want to get something out.

Take care.

Is x


Hi emjane, I agree completely with Suffolk that perhaps you could look into changing to a much more fibro-friendly doctor. Your present one sounds like a complete nightmare.

I used to swim at county level and I can assure you that swimming does not cause bruising, the joy of swimming is that the water cushions your body and you don't end up doing the damage you can on dry land. Perhaps your doctor could do some blood tests for you and check that all is well, as I ink my doctor would automatically do I with someone presenting with continuous bruising !

Getting used to the medications to treat us is sometimes quite hard, but hang in there and it does settle down. I can't imagine why your doctor won't give you repeat prescriptions. Can I ask if the specialist you mention a rheumatologist ? he should be able to write to your doctor and sort out your meds for repeat prescription.

Do let us know how you get on and keep coming here to get the help and support you need :-)

Foggy x


Morning Emjane,

Why not ask to see a different doctor at the practise. Start all over again, You should not bruise from swimming - swimming is the gentlest safest form of exercise. It enables you to straighten your spine - use all your leg and tummy muscles with out adding strain. The only bruising I can think of would be exiting the pool or in the changing rooms.

If you havent seen a rheumatologist request an appointment he/she will check you out thoroughly from top to toe By the end you will know what you havent got which is a relief.

So get an appointment and see how you go xxgins


Find another GP, preferably one that qualified after 1990, and who has experience in Fibromyalgia. Do not put up with a non supportive doctor. Doctors who qualified before 1990 do not believe in the condition.


My last doctor was qualified before that date he was great very understanding and took his time ,but this new one does not care and is so hard to talk to I just don't go anymore but my prescriptions are on repeat so I'm ok .i totally know where you are coming from and I'm sorry for you and I think if you feel able you should try another doctor xx


Just to say that my gp qualified before 1990 also and he's very clued up! also very supportive :)

Anyhoo! like the others have advised seeing a different gp is a good option :D

There are many medical professionals young and old that do not believe in fibromyalgia so please try not to despair Emjane :o

We have to keep pushing, I know! and its unfair to boot, but we're all here to help you get through your journey and like gins says if you have not seen a rheumy ask to be referred hunny :)

Good luck and keep us posted and don't forget we're here :D

I have sent some cuddle fluffies to snuggle away the stress my sweet



It's amazing just how many GPs and services are out there that are unsupportive and couldn't care less about us the patients!

My GP is rubbish, I've seen others and they are all the same, it's like Fibro has been blacklisted and nobody wants to help. My GP wouldn't even diagnose me. He told me it wasn't his place to do so. I'm just as lost and don't know where to turn and on top of it all I've lost my job too the ony sanity I had.


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