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Finally got to see Gp

Finally managed to get an appointment 😊 I saw a different GP she was surprised that I had been left swollen and in pain for so long with more and more medication being pushed on to me rather than investigations, she has arranged for a abdominal and pelvic scan and blood tests, so fingers crossed I may have some sort of idea what's going on. I have changed my diet doing slimming world for two weeks now and the weight is coming down 😊 I have also cut out fuzzy drinks I always drank Diet Coke but figured I'd try this to see if it helps with swelling. Two weeks in and no serious swelling flare so hopefully going in the right direction only time will tell, thanks everyone for the advice x

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Really glad that things are moving in the right direction sweetie! Sometimes all it takes is a small change and an understanding doctor to help you ☺️ xxxx


I really hope so x x

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I have everything crossed hun β™₯️😘


I hope it continues and your bloating stays away, I have a problem with swelling and bloating and fizzy juice is one of the worst culprits, it's hard to believe but too much fruit can cause bloating I'm glad you have a good GP at last and you're getting all the right tests done

Gentle hugs Rosie xx 😊


Thank you Rosie 😊 x x


Hi ... and thank goodness you've managed to see another GP and are finally getting some real investigations into your health, and not just being fobbed off with medications. Sounds like you've been having an horrific time.

I'd a full hysterectomy at age 38, and not long after that I was diagnosed with Fibro and M.E. ~ then I asked my Doc for a referral to the Homeopathic Hospital, and that started to give me a lot of answers which I desperately needed. (I realise Homeopathic Hospitals are few and far between these days!)

I used to suffer from horrific swelling/bloating of my abdomen. I could go from a size 8 to a size 12 in the course of one day. At the Homeopathic Hospital I was diagnosed as having a massive allergy to wheat ~ and I was in so much pain that I immediately stopped eating wheat (the flaming stuff is in almost everything!) and the weight/bloating simply fell off of me! :D

I can't do any fizzy drinks (even the 'sugar free' ones ~ turned out I've a horrible allergy to 'false sugars' (particularly aspartame), and many E number colours, so if I want a cool drink, I just stick to bottled water.

Very obviously, I can't say if you have any allergies, food or otherwise.

Personally, over the past 29 years, I've developed further allergies to food-stuffs and even medications ~ some of the latter, I'm better avoiding 'coloured' meds where at all possible (obviously I'm not allergic to bleached white medications, wahey! lol).

Perhaps as you're doing so well off of the fizzy drinks, you might consider it'd be worth while asking your (new) Doc if you've any food group allergies ~ just a suggestion ~ BUT, one thing at a time!

All the very best of luck with the scans and blood tests! Barbara xx


Hi Thanks for the info that sounds great I'll definitely look in to that 😁 I still get the bloating with cutting everything out I.e Coke etc, I'm wondering if I have similar as I have been down the same route as you had hysterectomy when I was 39 and have had bloating etc since.

I'm glad that you found some solution and answers for you.

I shall look into this.

Many thanks

Claire x


All the best Claire! :) IF you want any help with an Eating Plan, and a partner to walk through it with you, I'd be happy to be of help and advise. It's a very healthy way to eat. but personally I had to be absolutely desperate to eat the way which was instructed ~ and not keeping to the Plan means you can foul things up and potentially gain weight.

Wheat, sugar and dairy are the three largest, common, 'allergens' ~ if you remove anything with wheat in it, you'll slowly be starting to cut down some sugar and dairy.

I'll explain a little about 'wheat' as simply as I can. Wheat ~ It's very unstable. While it's growing, it's getting treated with pesticides. But it doesn't stop there. Once it's "cropped" and separated from the stalks, it requires to be treated while it's sitting in the Granary. Every time it gets moved, all the way to the Bakery, and onwards to your plate (it's in so much stuff you wouldn't believe!), it's treated with pesticides (commonly known as 'stabilisers') ~ and it's basically not a foodstuff by the time you come to eat it! That's as simple as I can state it ~ and it's not pleasant to hear, as there go your breads, biscuits, cakes, gravies, and 101 things you'd not believe wheat could get into.

As I say, I was totally desperate ~ wheat had to go, and the change from stopping it was so rewarding, and encouraging, that it kept me going onwards.

Maybe something for you to think about ~ I know you'll do the right thing for you!

Blessed Be, Barbara xx <3 xx


Thank you that's amazing and something I am looking into trying I saw wheat was in so much stuff - what can u actually eat ? And where to start? I will research all of my options but anything is worth ago x x


You could perhaps gently ease yourself into a change from wheat stuff goodies, and try going onto 'gluten free' products ~ I think it would help you wean off of the wheat.

Gluten-Free is a bit more expensive, so you could maybe be in a situation of eating less of the bad stuff, if sticking to a budget?

Some of it doesn't taste like, say, a digestive biscuit tho called that ... but, it is a biscuit, if that makes sense? I only ever liked gluten free porridge (yeah, I'm Scottish!) and gluten free oatcakes! (Could I get more Scottish???) :D Then I stopped eating them too. 'Scuse me while I go and polish my halo ;)

But have a look through the selection of food you might eat and see if there's a gluten free version, it's easy if you shop online ~ just put 'gluten free' in the 'search.

All the best, whatever you decide! Barbara xx <3 xx


Hi Clairebear - That is good news. But you are right about the Diet or regular Coke... That stuff is horrible for the body... Some nice water Kefir with grapefruit or other juice might help satisfy the thirst for something sweet and still be better for you - loaded with Probiotics... Fingers crossed (if you can without pain) for relief soon.


Thank that's helpful advice i definitely trying anything at the mo x


I'm a big fan of fermented foods. I just started some new fermented veggies yesterday with red cabbage, sweet potato, beet and of course brine. It will be wonderful in a few days and can fill in for a salad at any time. I also have some sauerkraut fermenting that will be ready in another four weeks or so... Have fun if you try the kefir water.


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