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Going around in circles

Felt yesterday like i might get somewhere when my gp said she would review and call on her introduction of a further pain relief medication ie gabapentin or similar and also chase up the missing mri referral. But today i had a missed call from gp surgery with no message left. Rung back and was told to ring at 2.30 when she was back. Did so and finally got news back at 3.45. It wasnt even the gp but the secretary about the mri 'possibly' as the receptionist said but she'd left without updating my notes. The gp knew nothing and mentioned nothing on timescale for the gabapentin review. Now i must wait til monday on the mri news and goodness knows when on the altering to my medication. Til then i remain the same, chronic abdomen, leg, chest and collar bone pain. Plus trigger points in hips, lower legs and forarms going off regularly. Then the tearing pain in my neck radiating into my head making me queasy and unsteady. My ibs flaring up as per usual when i'm stressed and being coeliac i cant eat my 'comfort' foods that i crave! Even if i didnt have such disruptive sleep from despression, it's near enough impossible to sleep with all that going on. No wonder i am so dozzy with fibro fog, its any wonder i can remember my own name!

Am i losing the plot justifiably with all this? Surely after diagnosis, getting pain medication etc reviewed and altered should be easier than this?


Sally x

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Sally, dear Sally, how I do feel for your poor aching body. And wish your review had happened today, smoothly...and feel for you waiting. And genuinely appreciate how much you are going you are holding-on in there, til Monday for your review.

I know its not easy - and thinking of you very much.

And sending you the gentlest human encouragement in the wait, sincerely hoping and trusting that Monday will bring a wise review and the best outcome as humanly possible.

Will you let us know how you get on, on Monday?

Kindest Wishes,

Rock Rose :-)

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Thanks Rock Rose. I am trying to hang on, my patience and sanity is slipping i think though!

I shall let you know what happens (if anything knowing my luck as of late).

Hope you have a lovely weekend


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Thanks so much Sally :-)

I genuinely hope and wish for you the best of luck for Monday !

Meanwhile honouring your patience and sanity staying the best it can be-I'Il pop back on Monday to see how you're going, ok?

Wishing you the kindest possible weekend, all things considered,

And some sweet Spring air to encourage and warm you.



Thank you, i'm sure i'll be back on here on monday regardless what happens.

Best wishes x

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I am so very sorry to read this, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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