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Does anyone else get boils?


I am finding this a really depressing as well as painful symptom. I am getting boils on my face, armpits and down below. I was put on anti biotics for this problem 8 years ago and have been on them ever since but they don't seem to prevent them at all! Although they may be helping them heal a bit quicker I suppose.

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Have you been checked out for Hidradenitis Suppurativa ?

A previous partner of mine had this . Symptoms were repeated boils in the areas that contain sweat glands such as groin and armpits. His developed into abscesses though and he had a couple of ops to clean them out and once healed they didn't come back.

I would say if it's a recurrent problem then your GP should be investigating why . They ( GP's ) are sometimes too eager to put everything down to Fibro !



Thanks for that reply.... I will certainly ask him next time I go to the surgery!


marion932 in reply to marion932

The anti-biotics they recommend for this long term are the ones I am on!

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Hi Marion,

I have to say anti biotics didn't work for my ex . In the end they opened up the abscess ( he thought they were boils but apparently not ) and they were then treated with anti biotic mesh which he had to put in daily ( the wounds were left open ) . It sounds really horrible but in fact he had little pain after the op and once they'd healed he was fine after that .

I always find it really annoying when GP's don't investigate long standing problems . Long term anti biotics can cause as many problems as they solve and although it may be necessary to take them, you'd think they would at least try to discover why you have this problem !

I think GP's sometimes see the word " Fibro " on your records and then think every problem is down to this ! It may very well be of course , but it still needs investigating . I've had boils a couple of times and I know how painful they are .



yes i have too. had one cut out of chest wall last year. but tend to get them under arm pit and groin area. doctors always does sugar level check then tells me its normal not diabetic. but an allergy specialist told me it could be sign of fungal overload in body. originating through poor gut system of ibs. i was prescribed some meds and so far so good. xxx

Hi Happe could you tell me the meds you are on please?

my hubby gets boils and after reading blogs can link it with his liver damage, he cannot tolerate lge amounts of yeast and suffers with IBS and skin rashes too which he has a skin shampoo for. poppy xx

marion932 in reply to poppy-03

I'm on gabapentin, tramadol, nefopam, morphine, citalopram, oxytetracyline and loratadine. xx

roxyroo in reply to marion932

Hi Marion, im on Gabapentin. And now i get boils, so could be that. i didnt get them before hun. Hope you get them sorted. Hugs & love to you. Helen xx

hi i have been getting boils/abscesses for years my dermatology consultant diagnosed hidradenitis suppurativa also. i too have been on long term antibiotics and had a couple, drained and cut out but they do still come back ! BUT my dr prescribed a wonderful treatment that really works at keeping them at bay, its called clindamycin phosphate lotion, you apply it like a roll on and its the best thing ive ever had, ask your doc to try it, from my experience with it, its fantastic, hope this helps xx

marion932 in reply to normajean

Thank you. I will discuss with my GP xx

THANK YOU normajean

i went to my docters today armed with this information perfect i now have that lotion i have the mother of all sores so i hope it works for me xx


i have had this problem for years i have had long term and short term antibiotics and they dont really do anything i was told if i loose weight then they would go away also i was told its my hormones but i have noticed they get worse when i feel low or stressed.

if anyone can help please share as they are really painful around my waist.

yes i get them alot i get them in my groin area and on my bust ,not had them checked out yet but have a massive one on my bust at min so off to see dr tomorrow,as i'm getting them more and more .

I get boils too and they are always down below, I have told the doc a few times and nothing has been done, I just try to keep my self clean. I am going o insist on help at my next gp visit. x

Hi yes i do on the bottom of my feet and down below my friend suffers also i am on morphine ms tramadol also oxicodone i think its the medicataionx

HI does any one get chest pains as i suffer with angina two also reflux and i dont know if its a side affect of fibro can anyone helpx

Look up a thing called 'hidradenitus suppurativa' or HS, it might explain more. I had this, awful, felt dirty, tried anti bacterial soap, anti-biotics, creams, lotions etc.nothing worked then cured it when I dieted, cut right down radically on how much I ate, on wheat and sugar intake, actually did step 3 of the Cambridge Diet, not for everyone but really suites me, boils gone, I was made up as along with all our other problems, this was just one too many, good luck Teresa x

Also if you are on anti-biotics you must take a good probiotic, capsules or natural yougurt, not that sugary stuff they sell in tiny bottles, don't take a prebiotic if you have irritable bowel, it makes it worse, just a probiotic, Teresa x

I get boils too recently.  Going to Dr today to see about lowering my dose of gabapentin... 

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