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Does anyone else get crazy night sweats?

I did my stint on the exercise bike, as per new rheumy's instructions (5 minutes with no resistance) and continued to feel crap for the rest of the day. The dog didn't get walked, as I was told to substitute his walk with the bike, so he was sad too. Anyway, for the second night running, I woke up on 3 occasions shivering and drenched in sweat, with my pyjamas soaked through (top and bottoms), the pillows and sheet drenched and even the duvet over me soaked. Each time I had to dry off, change pjs, change pillows, spin duvet round to find a dry section and squeeze myself onto a section of the bed that was the driest. The bottom right hand corner was where I woke up. Does everyone else get this? I mean presumably the exercise regime isn't going to change that kind of symptom? Obviously all that shivering, freezing coldness means I am stiff as a board today, it feels like my collarbones are dislocated, and my skin rashes have gone crazy. I'm a wreck. Sorry for whinging, I'm just feeling so blinking desperate!! Xxx

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Hi there, I'm like that most of the time, I would have thought it would have been better to walk the dog than do the bike thingy, I believe in exercise to a degree, but Im really not sure about th bike for us, I would be in too much pain, I do the chair exercise, it's on a DVD by a woman who who has only one leg and wheelchair bound, I have to use two crutches when going out but I use to love taking my late dog Sophie for walks, you can't beat being out in the open and seeing other people, trees flowers ect ect, im wattling on aren't I , sorry....getting back to the sweating, I hate it when I'm out and a sweat comes over me, I end up bing soaked then cold whilst its drying off, ....hope you get sorted soon....gentle hugs and handful of sunshine coming your way.....Dee xx

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Hi Dee, you are probably right about the bike. I wish I hadn't taken my dad into the appointment with me, but I felt I needed the support. Now he and my mum are like the exercise Nazis and are taking this rheumy at her word and forcing me to follow her idea of what is achievable. I'd far rather be walking the dog, but I'm in such a bad way today, that there is no way I can do both. I have a Pilates teacher coming next week to start with some strengthening work so once I have those exercises to do, I am going to concentrate on those rather than bike and hopefully still manage to do little dog walks too. Like you, if I can do anything, I'd far rather be outside watching the world go by. Hugs xxxx

Eeek lipbalmadict, I hope you aren't going to thump me on the nose, but I wondering if your age could have anything to do with your night sweats. (Ducks and hopes a fist isn't heading in my direction :o ) If you are not of the age (which I think you are not ) where that might figure it might be worthwhile running this past your doctor. I am sure others on here will have much better advice than I can give, but you do have my sympathy, it must be so unpleasant. I get a lot of sweating per se, if I exert myself in any way my head, face and neck start to sweat and I mean not just drip, but pour, it is so embarrassing and then that makes it worse as stress and embarrassment can cause it to happen as well.

Don't worry about having a whinge, you are perfectly entitled to come here and vent, that's partially what we are here for, listen

and then hopefully support. I'm sending lot of positive vibes your way :-)

Foggy x

Hahaha Foggy!!! Thump! No, not really a thump, I'm kidding. I'm just 37, so hopefully not at an age just yet. I told the impatient rheumy about the sweats and it got dismissed as perfectly normal along with the torn hip tendons and cartilage that everyone else my age has too. I feel like I'm boring my GP rigid, I only saw him 2 days ago with a bad case of foliculitis that he'd dismissed as probably nits two weeks earlier. I feel like a hypochondriac :) xx

Lead me to your GP, and he can have the thump instead for making you feel like a hypochondriac, how dare he upset my friend :o

Foggy x


yes and they are horrible :-(



Hi there Dee said what I was thinking but more politely, I was going to say dump the bike and walk the dog. Then when things settle down again try a shorter walk and a couple of minuits on the the bike and gradually try increasing both till you get to what suits you best.....as for hot sweats I take a hot water bottle to bed winter and summer, my body can`t produce enough heat to warm me up, but as soon as I get warm it goes over the top and tries to cook me. so then I turn on the fan .can`t win...Sue

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Does anyone get really bad sweat rashes under their boobs?.It looks like I have been scoulded I use germaline to cure it but can anyone suggest what I can try to prevent it? sue

Have you tried using talcum powder? Just a thought !! I have gnat bites so it would be hard for anything to happen under them :o ;-)

Foggy x

Try using Vagisil powder under your boobs to absorb the moisture, and Canestan cream to treat the rash.

Em x

I found a really good cream on t'internet for sweat rash, never found it in the shops but I swear by it! It's called Neat 3B Action Cream. It's soothing and anti-perspirant so doubly effective. In hot weather I get really sore behind my knees and under my boobs, and when I could still ride, between my thighs, and this discovery sorted it out. Sadly, the tube isn't big enough to cover me head to toe, or maybe night sweats wouldn't be as bad? It's a bit pricey but really is the best thing out there xxx

Hi Sue, I have to have a fan on 24/7 winter and summer, it also helps when the anxiety of fibro rears it's ugly head, and that scared feeling creeps into the body a your stomach goes over and over, Ive been told its all part of fibro, but it's funny how it kinda helps ease it, they reckon every fibro would benefit by having a fan on....regarding the rash under your boobs yes I use to get it really bad I'd have to scratch it till it bled, then one day out of devilment I bought some pears shower, as my mum always use to use it on me when I was little because of excema , and guess what it as eased it big time, and I think it's because it's soap free, and now when I do get the odd outburst which isn't often is nowhere as bad as it use to be, I use. Sudocream, I'm not a fan of Germaline I get the feeling it feeds the soreness rather than clear it......try sudocream, let me know how you get on Sue .....good luck....gentle hugs.....Dee xx

Thanks Dee

I have had really bad night sweats for over 20 years, Initially my doc said it was caused by thyroid medication, then menopause, but nowadays of course he blames Fibromyalgia. Whatever the cause I have never found a cure, and the Doc has no suggestions. Luckily I have a double bed all to myself, which means I get four positions of the duvet. I also often get up in the night, have a quick cool shower, and climb back into bed without ever opening my eyes.

This only happens at night - by day I am usually too cold :(

Sorry I have no answers for you.

Em x

Sorry to hear this Em :( I get really cold in the day too and wear thermals and millions of jumpers, except for in really hot weather when I am constantly overheated and sweaty. No temperature control! Do you by chance take any of the drugs for nerve pain like pregabalin or duloxetine? I have found my sweats are worse since going on these, but having tried each one, it's sweat, or be without. It's just the sweats get worse. Miserable! Hugs xxx

Hi Lipbalmaddict. We sound very much alike. I am here wearing thermal vest, sweater and cardigan, and with a fleece blanket wrapped around me. I am always cold by day. Sometimes I wish I could switch it around. Yes I do take Duloxetine, but in all honesty I have had the night sweats for years - even before finally being diagnosed with Fibro. I found Amitriptyline made the night sweats ten times worse, so gave them up. Duloxetine doesn't seem to make them any worse, but nothing makes things any better. What I'd give for a full night's sleep :(

Em, I get them in the day too even though I am cold!!! It may be my age of course but like you, I wear loads of layers because I feel cold but I come back from eg the shops today my clothes are sopping and wringing and I need to change them. It's horrid! That happened today!

I have read that fibro affects the autonomic system that controls temperature among other things and that is why we get sweat and chills so in a way our thermostats are broken..Thanka for the tips on sweat rashes...sue

Hi lip balm addict!!! I truly believe that it is far better to do "gentle" exercise in small amounts, than high intensity workouts such as exercise bikes, treadmills. This works much better for us fibromyalgia sufferers. People who do not have this condition have NO idea what our bodies can cope with!

If you enjoy walking the dog (he is so handsome )... then YOU walk the dog!!! If your body is happy walking the dog, then you go for it!! Don't disappoint the dog just because the rheumatologist says so... it will only make both you and your dog sad! Besides the fresh air whilst walking is good for you!!

I take our dog for short 20 minute walks 2/3 Times a day ( even if the weather is wet/windy I make myself go, because I feel much better after)

Does your Pilates teacher understand fibromyalgia? I go to a beginner's yoga class once a week and the teacher is great, she doesn't force me to do exercises that I can't manage. I would recommend yoga definitely.

Gentle swimming is also good, because the water supports your body and puts little pressure on your joints and muscles.

I have also met 2 other ladies swimming at my local pool who also have fibromyalgia. Only stay in the pool for a short time... I usually limit myself to 30 minutes. But don't forget to build up gradually. One small step at a time!!!

Once you reach a certain level of fitness with these gentle exercises then you have to maintain them. E.g. I walk a little every day, swim on Mondays, yoga Tuesdays, work part time Wednesdays, swim on Thursday s and so on.

But remember do NOT try and do them all on the same day... it is all about pacing yourself.

I also eat small meals and healthy snacks every 2/3 hours to maintain my energy levels.

Hope this helps you... gowalkies!!! Xxx:)

You are all so right! I'm adjusting to living with parents at 37 having lived alone for the last 15 years. This illness lost me everything except the pooch, so when we rocked up on mum and dad's doorstep we had to do as we were told if we wanted to stay. And it's been really tough. The dog has been walked by my dad, I wouldn't see him go without, but he isn't happy unless he is with me I'm afraid. But you are all right, bugger the rheumy, walking him is the only thing that gets me out of bed and puts a smile on my face, and I'm not going to stop because everyone else who has no idea of how horrific Fibro is for sufferers, think they know best. I'm sick of everyone making me feel like something, that is nothing they have no clue about. Only Sprocket has the right to call the shots, and guaranteed, he makes me happy, so he is clearly the wisest of them all xxxx

Hi Lipbalmaddict

I am so sorry to read of how you are suffering at the present time and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to your issue. I am so relieved that Foggy mentioned the 'change of life thing' as this was the first thing that came into my head! I have a sister who suffers with 'downs syndrome' and she has just started down this route and I feel pretty helpless, as I love her to bits!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Hi, I also have the same bad night sweats. I'm 36 & did have GP do blood tests for the change - all came back normal and told just another Fibro symptom!

I have to say that I agree with the other comments that I would walk dog over riding exercise bike, or do shorter walk with dog and 2min on bike. I'm a strong believer in animals having healing benefits but also that only certain types of exercise suit us with Fibro and its a case of finding the right one for each of us.

I can't walk very far at all these days, tried swimming and thai chi and both caused flares, in fact 7mins of thai chi put me in bed for 3 days!!! but i have found horse riding side saddle gives me good exercise as well as an emotional boost with no bad side effects.

Hope u find the right exercise to suit you (& your dog) and sorry, I don't know how to stop the night sweats xxx

Hi there just wondering if you are on any antidepressants because these can cause the sweating,feel sorry for you as it is an overwhelming feeling. Take care

I have the same problem .i sleep almost without clothes and duvet and also have a fan running all night.I have had various test all came back with the same answer .. Fibro .. Sorry I have not got an answer wish I had xx gentle hugs

I have ME and get night sweats when I do too much (which is easily done). Maybe exercising on the bike is too much for you and your body is reacting against it.


Yes, I have night sweats altough I'm thinking mine are age-related and to do with forthcoming change. But I'm now getting them in the day. Like you, I wear loads of layers because I feel cold but I come back from eg the shops and my clothes are sopping and wringing and I need to change them. It's horrid!

Gosh, well maybe I'm having an early change because I'm hot and cold today, either stripping off or piling clothes on! Fibro is so annoying, sometimes the pain is the easiest thing to deal with :o ! Xx

Very annoying. It's so debilitating all this lack of temperature control I find! But it's probably fibro in your case. I think in my case the change is exacerbating it! xx

I'm told sudden sweating by day or night is a fibro symptom. It can't be the change for me, as I had mine early at 43, it's long over and done with.

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